Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Beauty with Farfetch

Farfetch have recently launched a beauty section to their site. Initially all about high fashion and bringing you boutiques from all over the world to your screen, you can now shop from all kinds of beauty boutiques also and get shipped to the comfort of your home

To celebrate this, they invited a bunch of beauty bloggers to the London Makeup School to go through some key trends for SS16. They had demonstrations on models, and even then got the chance to try some of them out for themselves!

I was hired as the photographer (I cover a lot of events for Farfetch and more can be seen here and here) and for me this was one of the most fun events to cover! It was just like being backstage at London Fashion Week as I was photographing models and bloggers get their makeup done. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I think I am good at fashion week coverage so this was an event really suited to my skill set!
It is a very picture heavy post, so enjoy! I hope you like what I create

Monday, 22 August 2016

Nano-b toothbrushes

Nano-b toothbrush
I don't know about you, but I have such anxiety when it comes to my teeth! It all stemmed from an early age when I needed so many teeth out as I had too many for my tiny mouth, when I got bullied for having wonky teeth, when I got bullied for having braces and glasses to fix said wonky teeth! (you just can't win as a kid). I also had braces for so many years, they just kept on extending my treatment. Not to mention, an ex of mine was a dentist and the first thing he said to me was "I can fix that gap in your front teeth you know". I should have known not to go out with a guy who says that as his first line...

I have nightmares about losing my teeth. Just so many woes me and my mouth have. "Are they white enough?" "Should I get them whitened?" "Are they strong enough?" "I wish I could afford Veneers". So anything that comes along promising to help my teeth, I buy into. Like these Nano-b Toothbrushes

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

New Work // Shivon

Shivon Johnstone
It was about a year ago that I last worked with Shivon and you can see some of the fruits of our labour here. That link takes you to a lookbook video we worked on, but I also shot #OOTD pics for her too at each location we filmed

She is upping her game as a fashion blogger so hopefully you will see some more content from the two of us very soon. For now though, here are some new images we shot together at the Ashridge Estate in Berkhamsted

Monday, 15 August 2016

Festival hair with Label.M

I recently got to try out Label.M's Thickening Cream which I adored and I now adopt it in my blowdry routine constantly. They then sent me a few other products in the form of this Festival inspired little gift to me and I squealed with delight and happiness when I opened it all up and found the cutest products inside. As a big lover of festivals, I am always needing products to help save my hair during the camping at festivals

I had been sent their Jean Pierre Braganza designed tote bag that you get free when you buy a certain amount of products, a yellow studded hair band, some Brunette dry shampoo and some Texturising Volume Spray

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


I know I can not be the only girl who struggles with heels sometimes. OK. I lie. A girl who struggles with heels all the time

My size 3 feet just can't seem to cope with being slightly elevated. Which sucks because I am only 5 feet tall and I want to appear taller than I am damn it. I don't think it was meant to be. I can only seem to manage a few hours and then my feet are screaming for the ground and a flat surface

I think I have found the answer to my foot and shoe woes though. Rollasole!

Monday, 8 August 2016

Staycation: Swinton Bivouac part 2

Swinton Bivouac Meadow Yurts
Do you remember when I went up to a place in Yorkshire called Swinton Bivouac and stayed in a log cabin? No? Refresh your memory right here

They loved the photographs I took so much that they invited me back, but this time to stay in one of their Meadow Yurts to photograph these instead. What a great place to get your glamp on really as they offer log cabins or meadow yurts. I love the place so much that I decided to write another blog post, but this time explaining about my stay in the yurts as well as showing you the pictures I took for them

Friday, 5 August 2016

World Duty Free Exclusives

World Duty Free
Excited about an upcoming holiday? I have about 3 planned for the end of this year so far and every time I go away I just absolutey love checking out what is on offer at the Duty Free bits. I am lucky in that I have Luton, Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted all nearby so depending on where I fly to, I am always sure to find new things to buy at World Duty Free

The best bit? The exclusives! The things you can only get at Duty Free. It's like a treasure trove just awaiting you before you go create some amazing memories abroad

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

ASOS Beauty Haul

ASOS beauty
ASOS is my actual bae guys. Like literally. I spend a good portion of my indispensable income on ASOS. It's the only place I get my clothes. I don't even get New Look items from New Look. It's all ASOS baby
I am also an Access All ASOS Insider (woop woop for little perks)

This is NOT a sponsored post. I just haul so much and finally worked out I can haul all my much needed beauty stuff too! So thought I would share with you my recent, and much-needed, ASOS beauty haul

Monday, 1 August 2016


Lazypatch Duvet Suit
Have you ever wanted to live the Duvet life? By that I mean the kind of life where you leave the house wrapped up in your duvet so that you are all snuggly and warm all day and you can just watch all the haters pass on by knowing you are safe and warm in a cocoon of eternal duvet-ness

Planet Camping literally sell my dream and I really don't know why we all don't own one. I would like to formally introduce you to your new need in life, your new best friend, the love of your life, the most perfect item in the world, the one and only, Lazypatch duvet suit!

Friday, 29 July 2016

Citadel Festival

Citadel Festival
When a blogger bae of yours (Leigh of Fox & Feather blog) asks if you want to go to Citadel Festival with her as she got free tickets, what do you say?
Why, you say OMG HELL YES PLZ THIS SOUNDS AMAZING and you cancel your previous plans and proceed to go before you know anything more about the festival

Well, that's what I did anyway. I'm sure some of you would do the same

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Bath Melts by Wild-Olive

This year I made a promise to myself to take more baths. Mainly because last year I went through so much trauma and got put onto anti-depressants (another story for another time maybe) and realised that I never take time out for "me" and that soaking in a bath literally makes me feel good for the 40 or so minutes I am soaking for

I started practicing mindfulness and looking into wellness late last year, and a bath helps me with everything and improves my mental health. It literally soaks and melts my sadness away for that evening

The boyfriend knows how much baths mean to me and so bought me a little cute present in the form of these cocktail bath melts from Wild-Olive, but also available on Prezzybox where he bought them from. He bought me these ages ago (like literally 4 months ago) and I am only just getting round to using them now. Terrible considering he bought them as baths are meant to mean a lot to me! Sometimes life just gets in the way of "me" time

Monday, 25 July 2016

Grin & Bear It

Grin and Bear London
Grin & Bear LDN are a company who make these adorable vintage style teddy bears, as well as creating bespoke ones for you in any pattern and size, as well as uber luxe ones

They recently re-launched their website and hired me to shoot some of the content for this new site and I wanted to share the final images with you. Not the usual style of model I photograph at all, but hella cute regardless!

Friday, 22 July 2016

Toppik Hair Thickener

I have already gone on about how my hair is thin right here as well as in some other previous posts of mine. You also should know that I dye my hair as I spoke about getting it coloured within my review of Rush in West Hampstead

Hair dye when fresh makes my hair look thicker and feel thicker. But when all that starts to fade and grow out what the hell do I do?! I end up with mousey brown hair at the roots which makes my hair seem so much thinner and almost look like it is disappearing!

That is where Toppik comes in

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

An Evening with Haywards

I recently got hired to photograph an event that Haywards was having for other bloggers out there in the blogosphere. I freelance in photography as well as blog myself. The photography career came first, and then the hobby of blogging

Haywards got a bunch of couples and bloggers together for an extravagant foodie feast using their pickled condiments. The host Denise showed them how to cook a few dishes and using which Haywards items, before the bloggers were left to cook some dishes themselves. Ending with a fine feast of everything the bloggers had cooked to finish the night off

Here's a look in to some of my favourite shots that I took that night for Haywards

Monday, 18 July 2016

Envy Pro Style Hero

Envy Pro Style Hero
I am always after hair products that can give me flawless hair with little to no effort at all. I am incredibly lazy with my hair and it is terrible. I don't even really condition it after shampoo. BEAUTY BLOGGER BLASPHEMY! I just tend to wash, brush and go. Some days I'll straighten and spray some Sea Salt in but that's it

I also have really crappy fine, thin, oily, frizzy, wavy, and damaged hair due to bleach. A great and winning combination not. I can always find products for one issue, but it doesn't target all of my problems

Envy Professional recently sent me one of their products, the Style Hero to give it a go and see what I think. I barely use styling products, so let's see what it can do for me and whether it can change my routine
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