Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The Roaccutane Diaries: Month 3

The Roaccutane Diaries
Day 59 marked the end of my second month and so here we go into month 3!
Just a little update about my derm appointment on day 59 though. It went so smooth! I now only need to see her in 3 months time and I need to have a blood test again a week before I see her. An appointment will come through in the post. In the meantime, for the next 2 months all I need to do is come in, do a pregnancy test with a nurse and voila I'll get a prescription! Easy! Which means my appointment with the actual Doctor should mean that is the end of my treatment. Hopefully only 3 more months to go which would mean I have been on roaccutane for 5 months.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Therapi Haircare

I had never heard of THERAPI before. Yeah I have heard of therapy, but that doesn't really have anything to do with haircare.

Just a note, I like to think I am funny. Not sure if that comes across though...

THERAPI are a haircare brand that want to offer luxury and a professional haircare range at an affordable price point. Sounds like me, I want all of the high end stuff for my budget lifestyle! They include a defining ingredient in every single one of their products which is Baobab oil. I love a good oil for my hair so my interest was piqued within THERAPI and what they offer.
FYI, no more than £9.99 really which is decent value so let's begin looking at what I got

Friday, 20 April 2018

The Roaccutane Diaries: Month 2

Month 1 is over and now into Month 2! I am back on 40mg after having to half my dosage after a receptionist cock up
I no longer know how many weeks I have been on this drug so I'm just gonna list it as to what day it is I think and this month starts with day 38 (as day 37 was when I had my derm appointment and signified the end of my first month)

Thursday, 29 March 2018

The Roaccutane Diaries: Month 1

Roaccutane week 1I said that I would document my roaccutane journey ever since I got told I would be put on the drug and that I would call it the Roaccutane diaries and seeing as 1 month has now passed, (well actually 1 month and 1 week due to a fault the receptionist made booking my monthly derm appointment) here's my diary!

I haven't consistently taken photos. I don't wanna fill a post with too many photos and show you every single day. That would get boring. Just a weekly update will do and is the format I will be following. I'm also gonna talk about the highs and lows of the drug, what's been going on, and if anything has been working really well for me as your skin changes so dramatically. I have basically gone from oily to drier than the Sahara desert

Monday, 5 February 2018


Meek Grande Black and Rose Gold
Tea time. No time. All the time in the world. Dinner time. Doughnut Time. There all kinds of different times when you think about it. Yet we all struggle with time. I am the worst when it comes to time, yet my time management is spot on

Essentially what I mean is I struggle to balance things. I am always early to things and I keep my diary on form so I am never, ever late (unless public transport or traffic has other ideas). But I struggle to keep that balance between work and life and often dedicate an insane amount of time to one and not the other

Tuesday, 23 January 2018


New York skyline at sunset
You may have seen on my social media that I was at Blog At The Beach hosted by I was actually asked to be a speaker at the event due to my photography so this is where I spoke about travel photography (because they are a travel site after all) and thus #KayesTravelTips were born! Following the same format as my popular #KayesPortraitTips on social media, except in a presentation format this time. A lot of you were gutted to be unable to go to the event held in Leeds so I have decided to write a blog post describing my tips just for you

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

2018 goals and the future

Kaye Ford

I am super late with this kind of post I know. Fashionably late one might argue to make it seem like I am not a complete rubbish person. A whole 9 days late is just ridiculous that it must be fashionable
The title makes it seem like something that should have been announced as soon as 2018 hit, but in reality we all kinda set ourselves goals daily and monthly so this is just a way for me to write mine down to try and make them actually happen! That way people read it too and if you want to help me, hooray I can achieve some of my goals


Friday, 22 December 2017

My 2017 in a nutshell

Another year is drawing to an end and another year full of ups and downs, various achievements and whatnot. It's kind of amazing to reflect back near the end of a year at what you did achieve and go through to fill you with hope and strength for the new year to come. Life is never easy and simple but hey, we made it. We survived another year and we all achieved something no matter how large or small

I am never one to really reflect on what I did achieve. I'm more of a pessimist and I tend to focus on the negatives that happened in a year. But no. This time I am going to write about the positives that did happen to me and I want you all to do the same

Friday, 15 December 2017

She's Electric // Electric Ink skincare

Electric Ink skincare
It is no secret I have a lot of tattoos. I got 4 in the space of one month recently and I share it all over my social media for you to have a look
Want to know what I hate about new tattoos though? They make your other ones, older ones, look rubbish! New ones are vibrant and fresh and stay that way for a good few months before they start to dull down like your older ones. I don't really have any colour on me so it isn't as bad but black & grey tattoos can dull down too

This is where Electric Ink skincare can help!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Roaccutane Diaries

Well it has finally happened! After years of struggling with cystic acne and being on constant antibiotics and bugging the GP, I finally got a referral to a dermatologist on the NHS. I had to then wait 18 weeks for the actual appointment to come around but it happened, I have been prescribed roaccutane!
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