Kickin' It

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I have been trying so hard this year to get into shape and get fitter. I was stuck in a brain rut thinking that I weighed the same since I was 16. I am now nearing 25, and safe to say I am not the same weight as I was back then!
What better way to try to motivate than some new Kicks!
Everybody loves a good Nike shoe, and what better shoe for me to choose than a company whose slogan is "Just Do It". Yes Kaye! Just Do It!
Go out there and run, or gym. Be active and be free!
So the fact you can create your own shoes, just the way you want them was definitely a motivation for me, as well as fulfilling my materialistic needs and the need to look good.
Safe to say, I am well and truly motivated. I have yoga twice this week as well as a boxercise class.
What do you think of my creation? Would you create your own Nike ID's?


  1. They look cool. Think its great that you can create your own shoe, would inspire me to get fit that's for sure.

  2. I really like personalised things, and really like what you've done with these shoes. What a great way to get back into just doin' your fitness thing! x

    Yaya ♥ My Dreamality

  3. Those look so cool! I definitely find that when I'm happy with my gym wear I'm more likely to go and actually do a workout!


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