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Monday, 23 March 2015

Being a freelance Fashion Photographer, I am interested in all kinds of photography gear and I love incorporating photography into my lifestyle and my day-to-day life, whether it be Instagram, photo shoots, or sharing images with my friends. I wanted to do a round up of things I loved at this year's Photography Show in Birmingham, without getting too technical or "nerdy".

Please excuse my images within this post, I took them on my iPhone and used VSCOcam to edit them for my Instagram feed. I took a compact Canon EOS M with me, but I left it in my handbag all day (D'OH)

The picture above was taken on the Canon UK stand on their famous lens bar. Where they place massive zoom lenses with a price tag of approx, £4,000 each! I used to work on behalf of Canon UK so I have seen these so much, but my boyfriend has never seen this kind of thing or used them, and safe to say he was amazed as he could look and get pictures of things so far in the distance that his naked eye could not see. This area is always a definite win with people whom attend shows like this.

How cool is the floor that was part of Lomography's stand?? It is all decorated with pictures taken on Lomo cameras
Onto the more cutesy and day-to-day items though rather than a massive zoom lens. I visited the Lomography stand and they had one of the coolest stands! Just look at their floor for starters. An amazing collage of pictures taken with their films and cameras. Lomography do amazing analogue cameras and film to get that 'vintage' look people are really into, but you obtain it in the traditional way, with 35mm or 120mm film. Lomography cameras are great for fun days out and festivals and they won't ever break as they are known for being plastic!
A special edition of the Fuji Instax Mini. Hello Kitty! Adorable!
Another great day-to-day item that was on showcase was the Fujifilm Instax. This seems to be a fashion blogger's best friend at the moment, and who doesn't love an Instant picture?
I love them because you get something tangible and something you can hold and keep forever, rather than keep tonnes of pictures on a hard drive and never do anything with them.
And I managed to get some keepsakes from them on the stand in the form of a snap, one for me and one for my boyfriend. I love it when you can take something away with you.

Sticking with the Instant theme, it is also worth mentioning The Impossible Project. Another love of mine.
Everybody knows of Polaroid and the famous square frame instant shot. The Impossible Project started to re-create Polaroid film once Polaroid went bust and no longer started to make it. We couldn't have a world without instant pictures!!
The Instax are good don't get me wrong, but Impossible do have that iconic look to them. Instax and Impossible have both worked hard at giving instant film a massive revival in modern days.
One thing I love from The Impossible Project is that you can get black & white film as well. Everybody looks good in B&W.
They also have a device called the Instant Lab which they have now made "universal". Their first edition was only ever made for iPhone, but today they gave me an adapter cradle to convert my Instant Lab into a Universal one, so now even Android users can get instant film pictures from images on their phone. SUCH A COOL IDEA!!
I will be doing a blog post all about the Instant Lab one day, so never fear, I will show you ways you can fit it into your lifestyle.
I will also be doing more blog posts on photography stuff in general, as it is a love in my life, and everybody needs photographs within their blog content.
Maybe I will inspire you to do something different other than just digital images.

Please do let me know below if you have any photography Q's, or any comments in general


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