Day Date: NHM & Bubba Gumps

Monday, 6 April 2015

It isn't often that I go into London anymore because I don't really get the time, but when I do go for pleasure I like to make a whole day of it and do something I haven't done before and I can't believe I have never been to the Natural History Museum before!

I may have gone as a kid on a school trip, but you think I would remember their main hall and Dippy, but nope, nothing is in my head at all. So me and Jordan (my boyfriend) decided to have a nice day date out and go see the dinosaurs and have a nice dinner.
Being a bank holiday and seeing as I have never had a bank holiday off of work before, I completely misjudged how busy it would be. We only saw the one dinosaur which is the stegosaurus pictured above.
This is new to the Natural History Museum and is apparently the most complete Stegosaurus cast ever (I have just been informed by the Natural History Museum themselves that I am wrong. The stegosaurus isn't a cast, it is the most complete Stegosaurus fossil in the world. Even cooler!). Things like that just seem so cool to me, the fact we have been able to piece together and see what something from years and years ago looked like.
To see more dinosaurs though we would have needed to queue for an hour. I know us English have a reputation for queueing, but I say fuck that.
I am just happy I got to see 'Dippy' before they get rid of her from the main hall! Dippy is such an iconic staple to the museum and I can't believe they are going to exchange her for a blue whale. I know a blue whale is more current, but come on, clue is in the name Natural History Museum. That is just what I think to it, and like I said, I am glad I got to see her and picture how majestic such a beast must have been.

After a busy afternoon in the Natural History Museum, I knew exactly where I wanted to go food. Now, I love America. As a kid I was lucky enough to go several times to places like Florida, LA, Cali and Las Vegas. I remember owning a Bubba Gumps T-Shirt so we must have been a few times in various trips to the USA.
Happy days though! One has opened in the Trocadero near Piccadilly Circus *eek*
The table was covered in quotes from the movie and the drinks menu was on a ping pong paddle! I just love cute and quirky things like this, really enhances the dining experience.

Coolest thing, I got to keep my Bubba Gump branded cocktail glass and also remember how much I love the film Forrest Gump!

When you are ready to order, you just need to flip the "Run Forrest Run" run sign over to a red side that says "Stop Forrest Stop". I LOVE IT!
Don't worry, not everything on the menu is shrimp. I don't particularly enjoy fish or seafood, but I did try the popcorn shrimp as a starter. I loved every last bite, but I stuck to a plate of ribs as my main.

All in all, a really nice day date out on a bank holiday even if it did chuck it down with rain.
Have you seen Dippy before? Do you love Forrest Gump? Where do you like to go out and about in London?


  1. I love the natural history museum! I am so sad the welcoming dino is being moved on. When I see him I think of childhood.

  2. Oh, I haven't been to the Natural History museum since we went on a school trip and that was many many years ago. I really must make an effort to go again as it is a rather splendid museum.


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