#FreeTheNipple Movement

Thursday, 16 April 2015

All images used in this post are my own work and my own photography.
Model is Zara Watson.

There is a lot I could actually write about this movement, and seeing as it affects all of us and can affect our lives it still fits in with the idea of my blog being a lifestyle blog. Let us take a moment to talk about it. I have a very strong favour for this movement for many a reason and I want to discuss these and get my opinions heard.

I have always had the mindset that if women can walk around in bikinis and not an eyelid is bat, why aren't we allowed to walk around in our underwear also? Pictures of me in a bikini end up splashed all over my social media during summer and holidays, but if I was to do the same in my underwear I would get slut shamed. Why is this? I happen to think underwear is a fine craft and rather beautiful, much more so than a flimsy bikini. Women in underwear on insta seem to get slut shamed, or objectified. Yet shots in a bikini are totally OK?
We need to understand that there is no difference at all between the two.

"But if we walk around topless, more rapes and attacks will happen?"
No, no, no and NO! You may as well be going with "Oh, she wore slutty clothes so she was begging for it". No. Once it becomes more socially acceptable for women's nipples to be seen, then nobody will bat an eyelid to it any more. We just need to condition our minds to accept a new social norm. People are forgetting that it would be the choice of the individual also to be uncovered. It isn't for everyone. It will be just like the dawn of the mini skirt, when women dared show their legs after years of maxi skirts and full dresses.

We also need equality. This movement can and only ever will be successful once we have a majority consensus that women are truly equal to men.
If men can walk around topless in the summer heat, I don't see why women can't. I don't see why men can have their upper body uncovered when they too, have nipples. This is where we ARE equal. Men and Women have nipples. It is a fact. Why should one gender be treated differently, just because they have nipples that perform a job and are extra fatty?
(This is another point in hand, breastfeeding is OK! Why, all of a sudden, is it not OK in public? It has always been a natural part of being a mother. Are women now not allowed to be a good mother?)
As a photographer also, this really grinds my gears, if I ever photograph a woman topless I have to censor out the nipple for fear of the content being removed on my social media channels. Yet, if I was to photograph a man in the same way and his nipples are out, everything is A-OK and fine. This is again, something I have never understood. The images I take are not porn and they are primarily fashion shots, where the nipple is an afterthought and not in your face. Yet people still seem to get offended. Why is that? Are you offended by your own body and your own nipple? Would you report yourself if you could?
I understand reporting on social media if the image is blatant porn, but a shot like the ones I have included within this post are not designed to offend anyone, but rather praise the female form and the clothes she adorns. If we can't praise, nothing may ever change.

What are your opinions about Freeing the Nipple? Are you For or Against?


  1. I'm not too bothered to be honest in general, but do hate the way women who breast feed are treated. Personally, I hate bare chested man boobs in summer too!


  2. I love this! I didn't actually breastfeed because I couldn't (son had a cleft) but my sister got lots of comments when she tried to breastfeed outside. She's a gobby lady though and she stood up for herself..I got comments for bottle feeding - you cannot win! x


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