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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I, like every other girl and beauty blogger at the moment, dream of the perfect contour and that perfect chiselled cheek look without the need for a makeup artist every day. I am not a make up artist at all, and I don't really know that much about make up so achieving a good contour has always been like black hole science to me. Unachievable and really out of this world.

However, when I heard about Illamasqua's new Gel Sculpt which launched in March, I frantically looked at reviews and blogs on it and straight away knew it MUST be the product for me. I ordered the product and it arrived the very next AM! I do love a speedy service.

The Gel Sculpt comes in the shade 'Silhouette' and there are also two Gel Colours for the perfect flush of colour. The fact these are gels, rather than powders or creams means they are very translucent and can be built up if need be. The gel texture though - once blended - gives THE perfect contour shadow. I am not even joking. I now have a shadow under my cheekbones rather than looking dirty from a mix of contour and highlight concealers/powders/pencils which I just don't seem able to blend efficiently.

You can apply it by swiping direct from the stick to the underside of your cheekbones and then blending with fingers or a brush, or a recommended way to apply is to put some onto the palms of your thumb and using equal pressure press your two thumbs together so you get the product onto both hands. Once the product is onto both hands feel for the undersides of your cheekbone with your thumb and then press/dab along so the product transfers onto your face. You can build this up if need be for your desired effect/colour and then blend the edges slightly.
By feeling for the underside of your cheekbones you will then be putting the product where it needs to sit to create that 'shadow' which is your contour! Easy angles!
I now feel happy stepping out of the house with my contour as this looks so natural and looks like a natural shadow achieved underneath striking cheekbones.

Do you struggle with contouring like I have? Do you even think contouring is a MUST have to know and achieve everyday? Will you be purchasing and attempting?


  1. Oooooh this sounds awesome! I find blushers really hard to work with sometimes. This sounds light and the effect is awesome! Thank you :)

    1. They also do gel colours if you prefer the colour of a blush, rather than a dark contour shadow
      I think I will be purchasing and attempting those next

  2. I am a real coward when it comes to contour, I am so worried of ending up with overly obvious stripes! This looks like a good product.

  3. I was just looking into buying this how strange, it looks like such a simple and easy to work with product. You look gorgeous too :) x

    1. Buy it! Now! It has changed my life.
      And thank you ever so much! First time I took a shot of myself for my blog to show off a beauty product x


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