Wanderlust Satiated

Friday, 3 April 2015

Within the past year I have developed a massive sense of Wanderlust and wanting to travel and see the world and create memories. My main dream has been to go to NYC as I missed out for my 21st birthday.
This dream has finally been achieved!

I have finally booked to go to NYC over Valentines Day in February 2016!! I honestly can not wait and am already wishing the year away.

Of course I will be documenting everything when I go, and grabbing some Sephora items for blog posts, but that is still a year away yet.

I also wish I knew the dates for NYFW in February 2016, but I don't. I am hoping they coincide so I can try and get the chance to photograph NYFW for magazines (I am a freelance photographer by the way! I'm regularly backstage at LFW) *sneaky plug* 

Have you been to New York? Can you recommend me places to go and things to see?


  1. http://onlocationtours.com/tour/sex-and-the-city/

    Lots of fun ! And I'd never seen the show, but we got to see a lot of NY we'd never have seen just by wandering about! Plus the Marigold cupcakes were great!

    1. Thank you for that Dave! Will deffo be looking into it!


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