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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Recently-ish, it was my birthday on the 27th April. Illamasqua do this amazing bit of marketing where you get 15% off if it is your birthday and you have an account with them eek! Well, how am I meant to just sit there and not use it??
I am going to show you my little Illamasqua birthday treats haul

Where do I even start with choosing from their vast selection to treat myself with?! That was the hardest decision. I am a girl with many lipsticks, many samples from beauty boxes, never wears eyeshadow and sticks to one mascara. This took me a whole day to get a cart together, not even joking. But for me, I treated myself well and I can't wait to use the products!

One of the items I bought was their Concealer in shade 115. I have paler skin than I often think I do so I normally fall in the lightest of shades available from a brand. Imperfections and breakouts are something I suffer from a lot as I suffer from cystic and hormonal acne, and I have a few red patches and acne scars on my face from this so concealer is something I am constantly buying to try out and get me the coverage I want and need. This concealer claims to be tested under the harsh lights of film sets, and being a photographer, I know how harsh light can be sometimes on our faces. Therefore, this concealer is going to be exciting to try!

I also ordered their Eyebrow Cake in shade Vehement. I have religiously been using MAC's Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow set in Brown Ebony so I am used to a gel that I just sweep on. This is something different in that it looks like a powder and I apply it on with a brush (which I also purchased. Their flat angle brush. I can use it for eyebrows and eyeliner). The shade I ordered is also darker than the MAC shade I currently use. I did this on purpose because every 6 weeks I get my hair coloured and when it first gets done it is a deep, dark and rich purple. I need something on my face to help reflect this dark on my head, especially as I am thinking of going even darker.

Last but not least is their Sealing Gel. I bought this to use on my Eyebrow Cake and my eyebrows, but it can be used for a multitude of things. You can use it to seal in eyeliner which is useful for me as I have oily skin and lids, the same goes for eyeshadow also if you want to make it last a night out. It is an absolutely tiny bottle, but apparently you only need a small dot for maximum staying power so I am not too worried about using this too quickly.

What would you purchase to treat yourself for your birthday? Have you used any of these Illamasqua products?
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  1. I love Illamasqua and your haul is really well chosen. The discount is a great idea.


  2. I love the idea of the sealing gel. My eyeliner always runs so I need to check this out


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