Vegan Tuck Box: May

Friday, 22 May 2015

Last month I brought you a look at the April 'classic' Vegan Tuck Box, and my first ever foray into Vegan snacks even though I am a self confessed meat eater. I loved last month's box so much that I decided to re-order within May. This time I opted for Vegan Tuck Box's 'mini' box to give that a go and see what the difference is between the two box variations

So, in April's Classic box I ended up with approx 12-13 snack items with one of them being a Provamel carton. This time, with the mini box I have been given 5 food items and 1 drink item, so approximately half that of the classic box. A nice smaller intro into Vegan snacks I think!
All of the items I received in my May mini box, also appear in May's classic box. I just get half of the items essentially

What did I receive? Some yummy looking items again, much like last month! Vegan snacks are definitely growing on me and if they are much healthier than a standard chocolate bar and bag of crisps I will be happy to oblige
This month I got:

- Chika's Smoked Almonds
- Trato Potato Chips
- Pertwood Organic Farm Yacon Granola
- Provamel Rice Coconut Milk - Pineapple and banana flavour
- Angelic Orange Chocolate cookies
- Schnouggline chocolates

It is safe to say, the cookies and the chocolates will obviously be a hit with me! Having already eaten the Angelic gluten free cookies, I can say they are A-mazing. Slight gingery taste but once I push past that (I don't like ginger) I get this amazing biscuity texture with the taste of a chocolate orange

Yacon Granola confused me, as I was confusing the word Yacon with bacon. That's the meat eater in me! But I can assure you that Yacon is a natural sweetener which has been added into this granola to make it even tastier. I will no doubt be mixing some of this into my breakfast smoothies, as well as topping natural, fat-free yoghurt with it

In April I received a Provamel Coconut and Almond Milk drink, which wasn't my favourite if I am honest. I just wasn't sure on it at all. However, this month's Provamel drink was a Rice Coconut Milk and I actually loved it! It had such a refreshing tang of coconut with the sweetness of pineapple as an afterthought and I much preferred it to plain coconut water

Such a yummy box, and if it means I'm being a bit healthier with my snacking choices at work, I think I will definitely keep on getting boxes from Vegan Tuck Box

As a thank you for reading this I included my 15% code for you in the picture above ;) I'd love to know if you have been inspired to give it a go, especially if -like me- you are a meat eater

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