McQueen: Savage Beauty

Sunday, 10 May 2015

About a week ago I had the utmost pleasure in attending 'Savage Beauty'. The exhibition/retrospective being held at the V&A Museum in London all about Alexander McQueen and his work.
Here is a just a glimpse into what I saw and thought

First of all, I must mention that no photography is allowed in the exhibition itself. Oopsy, naughty me. But I was cheeky and used my iPhone to catch a few. I just had to as everything I saw blew me away!
So, apologies for the poor quality snaps.

This exhibition had toured most of the Fashion capitals before coming to London. And I find it weird that it wasn't even going to come to London initially. But it is here now and it is breath taking. When I first heard about the exhibition coming to London tickets then sold out. But due to popular demand they released some more and some extended dates also and I managed to snap a couple up and took my bestie for a girly afternoon out.

Every room was so well laid out and much thought went into it. For his romantic primitivism collection the walls of the rooms were bones, skulls etc much like you would imagine in some form of crypt. Romantic Gothic was displayed in such an ornate, slightly dirty mirrored room with the lights dulled a bit which helped reflect a sense of the distant past and an overall feeling within the room whilst the clothes themselves were lit up so you could see every detail. Every thing was meticulously thought out. Music played in every room and the music constantly filled me with a sense of overwhelming sadness, mainly for the genius we have now lost within the world.

The 'Cabinet of Curiosities' room was spectacular. You walked into a square room that did look like a massive cabinet. Every wall had different sized rectangles and squares for a head piece to be in, or a dress/outfit, and in some of the wall space there were TV's all around the room. These TV's played the runway shows of certain collections. Again, this room was so overwhelming to me. The beautiful violin music being played filled me with sadness, and I was overwhelmed from all of the beauty and the art surrounding me. The clothes, the shoes, the head-dresses and back braces, but also being able to watch the runway shows and experience the shows he put on for his collections and by 'the shows he put on' I mean that each one was a show, rather than just a walk up and down the catwalk.

To me as well, even though the models in this exhibition were mannequins, every collection had head gear that covered or obscured most/all of the face. Not only was this headgear so amazing in itself but it took the attention away from the model and makes the collection all about the clothes again.
Everybody nowadays is more obsessed with WHO is walking the runway for a designer, rather than what they are wearing and the clothes, the design and the craftmanship. Having headgear which takes away identity brings the attention back to the clothes, which is what fashion and runway is all about. Showing off the clothes for press and buyers, and I think this is one reason why Alexander McQueen succeeded so well. Everybody was focused on his clothing and it is easy to understand why. It may not look the easiest of clothing to wear, but my goodness it is completely beautiful and a work of art in its own right.

I urge you, if you have the chance, do pay for tickets and go to this exhibition.
RIP Alexander McQueen

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  1. These clothes are pieces of art really aren't they, rather than everyday garments! Drives me mad when you're told you can't take photos in an exhibition - unless the thought is that the flash photography will damage the garment fibres.

  2. I absolutely love the Designer Exhibitions at the V&A. This one looks fantastic and it's fascinating to read about the accompanying music and surroundings to the clothes. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


  3. Thank you for this post! Some lovely clothes!

  4. Oh I would have loved to visit this. I adore the dress with the pink flowers. Gorgeous..I was lucky enough to be given an amazing hand knitted, full length cable knit coat/cardigan by him. It's packed away carefully know as I used to just wear it out and about!


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