Shooting Shivon's Summer Lookbook

Friday, 29 May 2015

Shivons Summer Lookbook
Recently I have started to work with beauty vlogger/blogger Shivon Johnstone of 'Shivon Makeup Biz' helping her film, yes I did say film. This is a new world to me, some pieces for a Summer 2015 lookbook she is creating
As well as film I have been taking some stills also. Here you can see some sneak peeks of our first shoot together

We have shot one look and we shot at Ashridge Estate in Berkhamsted. We were lucky that the bluebells were still around and that they complemented her outfit so perfectly! Although that was probably her idea with her styling

Can you believe it was my first time seeing bluebells up close??!

More will come, as we already have 3 more looks and shoots planned before Shivon creates the final edit and puts it onto her Youtube channel!
I have never done videography before, so this is exciting, but because of my creative eye within photography Shivon has given me a chance and so far it is working for us. I hope that is why she asked me anyway

We wanted these shots to be really dreamy looking and so I actually stuck a sandwich bag over my camera lens. Yep. I got funny looks from Shivon for this but the effect it creates for your pictures can be stunning. It makes everything softer, but only the areas that are actually covered by the sandwich bag. A great way to get that dreamy, soft, romantic look within camera

Please do check out Shivon's Blog as well as her Youtube Channel if you love all things beauty, makeup and want some really glam tutorials 

If you would like help creating some videos and photographs like this for your blog posts, please don't hesitate to contact me in the comments below or drop me an email which can be found on the right hand side of my blog

What do you think of Shivon's outfit? Do you like the photographs? And most importantly, have YOU ever seen bluebells in real life?!
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  1. Amazing photos, you are very good to be new in this xx

    1. Ah, photography I have done professionally for 4 years now just to clarify
      It's videography and filming I am new too and can't wait to show you all! X

  2. Awesome pictures Kaye. Beautiful location, I might have to make a trip here! x

  3. I LOVE that dress. it goes really well with the hat too.

  4. Gorgeous photos and I love the 'dreamy effect' looks amazing!!


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