Day Date: Slamdunk Festival - South

Monday, 25 May 2015

Slamdunk Festival
The bank holiday Sunday at the end of May normally marks the beginning of the summer Festival season, with Radio 1's Big Weekend happening but most importantly for me, Slamdunk Festival!
Slamdunk is held in 3 different UK universities (North, Midlands and South) over the bank holiday weekend, 1 per day and this is the first year I was able to actually attend even though the South one is held at my old university!

Slamdunk Festival South is held at the University of Hertfordshire, my old uni, and is chock full of rock/pop punk/hardcore music across 5-ish stages dotted about the uni campus

Slamdunk Festival
I spent most of my day checking out acts on the main stage, as essentially the bands listed there were on my "must see" list, but I would still walk around looking at the lay of the land and reminiscing about my uni days

I think most of my day was spent at main stage and then the rest of it was spent in queues! And tiny bouts at the Uprawr stage because who doesn't like a good dance?!
Slamdunk Festival
Highlights/who I actually saw within my day were:
We Are the Ocean
Lower Than Atlantis
Don Broco
Taking Back Sunday
Doesn't seem like much now I have written it down but I didn't get there until 2.30pm

and I caught various other acts on some of the smaller stages as I was walking around grabbing food, merchandise, looking for people I knew whom were also at the festival

I knew for certain that I had to see Taking Back Sunday. When I was 15/16 these guys were my absolute favourites, and watching them again yesterday proved to me they still are and they still have a place within my heart. I actually haven't missed a tour of theirs when they have come to UK fun fact there for ya
Also, looking back now I could have planned my day better and seen a lot more acts, but in honesty, I bought the ticket just for Taking Back Sunday, Everything else I saw was a bonus to me in my eyes!

Slamdunk is one of the cheapest UK festivals, and always has such a great lineup and I am so glad I was finally able to attend! I used to work a job that wouldn't give me the time off in order to attend but now I don't need to worry about that and I can see many more slamdunk attendances within my horizon
Maybe even next time I will buy the ticket that includes the afterparty and have a MASSIVE day/night out until early morning the very next day
All hail Slamdunk Sunday!

Have you heard of Slamdunk? Have you been to one before? Do you enjoy festivals?
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  1. Wow I am slightly jealous, I love LTA and Taking back Sunday. Don Bronco are a great band to see live. I saw them when they were supporting YMAS. What a great way to spend a bank holiday!

    Kirsty xx


  2. Looks great I haven't heard of any the bands but I'm sure hubby has #ukbloggers


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