Things I Have Learnt in my 20's

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Image by me. Taken at Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland.

I turned 25 late April. 25 can be quite a daunting number/age. Quarter of a century and smack bang in the middle of your 20's. Parents think you should have your shit sorted out by now. I know mine constantly remind me that they were married by the time they are my age *eye roll*.
I thought I'd write some things that I have learnt within my 20's and still apply to life to this day. It might help you out, I'd love to know if it does, because we all know getting older is scary stuff.

1. Travel, travel, travel
Material possessions may be nice and flashy and make you happy for a small while, but there is nothing better than using your hard earned cash on exploring parts of the world and creating memories that last! We are still young, there is plenty of time for those Louboutins or Mulberry, use the time to really explore the world and broaden your mind and experiences

2. Career Goals?
Don't worry about careers just yet or needing to know what you want to do for the rest of your life. Within a year I went from part time retail work, to corporate, to self employed and freelancing and having a boom in clients, to now working full time in an office dealing with photographic stuff. It is OK to not have life figured out

3. Don't compare yourself to others
Everyone you went to school with getting engaged and having kids, moving out and being independent? Cool, that's great for them. Be happy for them and don't be jealous. Life isn't a race or a competition. I know I'm jealous of people I went to school with who now live by themselves, but I know what is right for me and that at the moment I just don't want that kind of financial responsibility. I am still young after all and there is plenty of time to attempt to get onto the property ladder. I know people who moved out of the parents house when they were 30 after all

4. Makeup on? No sleep
This one gets said a lot. ALWAYS take your makeup off before you go to bed. Regardless of how drunk you are, tired, how much Netflix you have watched in bed

5. Look after yourself and your body. 'You are what you eat'
All that pizza you used to eat and not gain a single pound? Yeah, that WILL catch up with you and bloat you out/help you gain a dress size in later life. It's OK in moderation, but try to balance it out with healthy stuff. I wish I knew of salads when I was 16 rather than just chips and pizza. I have certainly broadened my food and diet since turning 20. Since turning 23 if we are being completely honest

6. Netflix is A-OK
You don't have to go out and party every weekend. You won't lose friends, they will still love you and invite you out. It's OK to just want a pyjama and Netflix night. Even better if it is with friends and saving some money rather than partying and regretting life the next day with the mother of all hangovers
And yes...

7. Hangover hell
Hangovers get worse as you get older. Sorry, but it's horrendously true. Learn to pace yourself and switch some trips to the bar for tap water and you shouldn't feel as bad the next day

8. Save for a rainy day
Get a savings account and squirrel money away. This has been a massive lifesaver for me many a time. I have a certain amount that comes out of my paycheque every month so I can't say no to putting something away. It sounds adult and boring, but it certainly helps teach you budgeting

Literally, YOLO. Want a piercing? Get it. Want a tattoo? Get it. Want to go skinny dipping when you are at a beach late at night? Do it. Be free (obviously within the confines of the law!) and make sure you don't regret not doing anything later in life

10. Do what is best for you, not for your parents
Don't worry about the pressures put on you by your parents. Just because they were married, with a house and a job by the time they were 25 doesn't mean you have to be. It is a totally different life and society now to when they were young and you have to remember you are an entirely different generation to them. Life and circumstance changes and we all adapt and grow wiser to it

What do you think to the points made above? Is there anything you would add on to these points that you have learnt? Do you disagree with some of these?

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  1. I turned 25 in April too. Crazy how time flies & what you learn from experience. Travel is a big one. I can relate about Netflix & hangovers. Ugh. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. I turned 25 in April too. Crazy how time flies & what you learn from experience. Travel is a big one. I can relate about Netflix & hangovers. Ugh. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  3. I definitely agree with the Travel, Travel. Travel. I should have done more of it.

  4. Oh to be 25 again! I've one thing to add to the list - wait for the right partner to come along. Don't settle for anything but the best because you'll come to regret it later. Just wait. Enjoy your youth (she says, with 40 looming on the horizon!)

    1. I absolutely love this! Thank you for this x

  5. heheheh I know exaclty what you mean. Been there! 28 to 29 now... I'm almost 30 and still haven't figure it out! hehehe

  6. All good points; now it is just a small matter of putting all of them into action :-)

  7. I love this idea! You seem to have learnt a lot this year good on you!

  8. I love this post it's such a great idea. I have only just started my 20's so it's great to bare this stuff in mind :) x


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