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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Bumble & BumbleWhen I am backstage at Fashion Week I see Bumble & Bumble a lot doing the hair for the show, but it wasn't until recently that I have kinda fallen in love with their products, I just wish the price tag wasn't so high
Here's a little mini haul of what I have picked up for summer and why

I have never been one to really style my hair in the mornings and so I normally spray some surf spray into my damp, drying hair and scrunch it up and head out of the door for work,
Sometimes I spray too much product in and it leaves my hair crunchy and feeling like straw
Until Bumble & Bumble released their Surf Infusion spray and I bought it that is

Pret-a-Powder and Surf Infusion
Their Surf Infusion spray is now a godsend to me! It is an infusion of their surf spray with tropical oils and it doesn't leave your hair with a crunchy texture, just nice and soft beachy waves and kinks that you'd expect from a wind swept day in the sea
My hair is now a perfect blend of un-done and touchable softness
I also picked up their Pret-a-Powder as my hairdresser, when styling my hair, normally uses some kind of powder to give me volume. Seeing as I wanted the surf infusion spray I thought I may as well treat myself and get this also. This is equal parts dry shampoo and volumiser. My hair is normally flat and fine, so this mixed with surf infusion will create some amazing grungey hot mess on my head, or so I hope. Am yet to try the two together
In my delivery also came a Pret-a-Powder look book, of style ideas that have used the product. Shame I don't have long luscious hair like the models and so this is redundant for me, but an A for effort Bumble & Bumble

Bumble & Bumble
  As a summer treat, Bumble & Bumble nicely gave me this "Make It Big" kit for free!
I am so excited by this as I previously mentioned my hair is really fine, so the potential for thick, beachy, grungy and voluminous hair is so close and right on my vanity desk!
I can't wait to start using the thickening hairspray. I remember having a small sample of it once before and I used it sparingly as I didn't want it to all disappear too quickly. I now have a full size version though so I can use it everyday now if I want to *yay*
Do you use Bumble & Bumble? Have you used the products I have mentioned above? What are your go-to hair products?


  1. That's just what I need, a quick fix. I hate styling my hair. :)
    Thanks for sharing! x

  2. I considered buying some of these minis the other day as they look amazing and I've heard great things, think I may do in the future :) x

  3. Oh gosh I would like to test this out and really do love their name too.

  4. I have a few Bumble & Bumble products and I really like them x


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