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Monday, 29 June 2015

Back in early May, a while ago now in reality, World Duty Free Group - ya'no, the company we buy all of our beauty essentials from in an airport - were in contact with me to shoot some items for their Social Media channels

This isn't the first time I have shot for them. I have photographed some blogger events for them like their Jet Set Beauty event, Whiskey tasting, as well as London Fashion Week SS15
I now want to show you a glimpse at the kind of things I shot for them, and what you can see on their Instagram, and Twitter pages

Rather than photographing events, this time I was shooting some amazingly gorgeous beauty products for them within a theme that they came up with. The above picture is "Travel Essentials for Her", and all of the props actually belong to me. All of the beauty items however are things that they sell and are available for when you next make a journey through an airport

There are some truly delightful pieces that I photographed and are certainly on a wishlist of mine to pick up when I head to Italy in August

I mean, really, in honesty, how LUXE and gorgeous are these Yves Saint Laurent beauty pieces??
All of this is available and exclusive to World Duty Free. The black palette in the top right hand corner is the YSL Tuxedo Palette and has eyeshadows, lipsticks and mascara in one palette.

Everything you would ever need for your holiday in one place!
They let me keep this palette. EEK! I'm so lucky. They also let me keep a YSL lipstick trio

The lipglosses also come in a trio. I love World Duty Free because of the sets you can obtain tax free, and the fact you can not get them on the high street or anywhere else! It makes your trip abroad extra special when you pick up "not available anywhere else but when you holiday" beauty treats
The above is a shot of all different miniature fragrances you can obtain within a miniature set from each Designer Brand. I decided to add a passport into the shot to emphasise the fact that these miniatures are exclusive to World Duty Free and are only available when you travel, but to also add a bit more visual interest into the image and break it up a bit so that it isn't just a shot of a load of bottles strategically placed together to look random

I didn't just shot Women's beauty, oh no, Men can have 'beauty' products too! I guess they call it 'grooming' though
So I also did some flatlays for Men's products. Men's skincare, Men's fragrances, Men's Travel Essentials etc
Not as exciting as photographing the make-up though as I couldn't lust over these products heehee

Last shot to show you now, and this is my absolute favourite one. I don't know why, I just love this shot. It's simple and clean
What do you think of it? This is a shot of "Fruity Fragrances for Her", and I took a cheeky sniff of them and some of them are just sublime

Do you follow World Duty Free Group and have you seen these images pop up? What do you think of my images for my client?
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  1. Amazing post dear!

  2. Your photos look fab! I am sure they were very happy with them.

  3. I love your photos. They are so cute. I love the OPI colours

  4. Yves Saint Laurent is to die for , must try out the YSL Tuxedo palate x

  5. I love these photos! Given me some massive inspiration :)

    1. Thank you! I am glad I have inspired you x


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