Shivon's Summer Lookbook: Outfit 2

Monday, 15 June 2015

As you hopefully would have seen already, I have been helping Shivon Johnstone film a summer lookbook video due out in, well, summer
We already have one look shot and the photographs done and you can see the sneak peek shots here from our shoot in Ashridge Estate and their bluebell fields
Here are some more sneak peeks from outfit number 2 shot in Verulamium in St. Albans

These pictures are a lot simpler than the last ones. Minimal editing and no fancy 'dreamy' effect put over them like I did with the last lot of images
This time I used a lower F stop, aperture, to really blur out the background and make Shivon stand out from the beautiful background we had going on

To enhance the natural colours within the pictures I edited them in Adobe Lightroom and used my VSCO Film Presets to apply a 'filter' over the images which helped to enhance the colour and make them more visually appealing
After shooting some video in front of the lake and by an Orchard tree, we went for some food at the Waffle House in St. Albans and cheekily filmed some bits there too also!
I really can't wait to show you the final video when it has been edited together

We still have 2 more looks to shoot so keep an eye out for some more sneak peeks of images. If you follow me on Instagram you even would have seen a real sneaky peek at some clips of the footage I shot from this day at the park

What do you think of Shivon's latest outfit? Do you like the photographs?

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  1. Lovely outfit, I really like your bag, I want it! The photographs are amazing, I love the background too.

    1. This isn't me I'm afraid! But yes the bag is amazing :) I think she got it from Missguided
      The pictures are by me however

  2. Super photography. The colours are so defined. Perfect weather for a shoot too. I love the cropped top! Tx

  3. So pretty! Love the outfit. I live very near St Albans, love Verulamium Park too! :)

  4. Love the photography, nice job Kaye! xx


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