This Week I have been Spinning...

Monday, 1 June 2015

And nope, I don't mean spinning as in spin class. I mean spinning as in the retro, vintage Vinyl kind of spinning

Ever since the boyfriend bought me a vinyl player for christmas, all because I said once whilst browsing an Urban Outfitters that I have never experienced vinyl/I'm a secret hipster, I now try and buy all music with some form of vinyl copy

Most vinyls you buy nowadays even come with a code for a digital download so that I can still put it on my iPod/iPhone. Yay technology
So yeah, I am now a bit of a vinyl addict and I am slowly building up a record collection. This week though however and I am thinking of making this a permanent feature to my blog I have mostly been listening to (by mostly I kinda mean non stop) Brody Dalle's single "Don't Mess With Me"

When I was younger, like 14+, I was obsessed with rock, punk, punk rock, metal music. I still am. But one favourite was listening to the Distillers in ICT classes with Rebecca Smith of Futures Blog

The front woman (yes. Front woman! Rok chiks 4 lyf) of the Distillers is/was Brody Dalle. She has now recently gone solo and I have only just heard her music and am now obsessed with it. I'm worried I am going to wear the record away!
Her voice isn't as raspy and dare I say it, manly as it was when she was in the Distillers, but it is still as bad ass. Her look has changed considerably also! Just google her and you will see what I mean. She herself now appears softer and more feminine and I still have such a woman crush on her

Her solo album "Diploid Love" has been on constant repeat in my cars CD player too. Her whole solo album reminds me of the band Garbage, a nice and soft form of rock which now goes with her complete revamp of style

You can check out why I am so obsessed with this single in the video below:
Did you like the song? Do you have any recommendations of music for me, I am open to all genres? Do you own any vinyls?
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  1. This is lovely! My parents had a record player as I was growing up and I have so many memories of a music filled house. I think some old school funk would sound wicked on your player. Prince from back in the day, Curtis Mayfield Or some Harold Melvin and the blues notes x

  2. I'm often stealing my dad's record player to listen to his old Fleetwood Mac albums. I've never thought to buy new ones on vinyl now. I'm definitely going to give this one a listen.

    1. Everything new that comes out has almost certainly been released on vinyl still! It is worth checking out and just chucking some vinyls on when your blogging or just relaxing around the house


  3. I'm guilty of trawling the urban out fitters vinyl too! Love brody dalle, can't believe she's already had such an amazing life at such a young age. Makes me feel lazy, heheh xx


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