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Monday, 8 June 2015

When I am instagramming pictures I normally edit with Afterlight or VSCOcam, and before I bit the bullet and paid for Afterlight my editing was solely done with VSCOcam and I still have a soft spot for it. When I heard they released a FREE preset starter pack for Adobe Lightroom, I knew I had to download it! Here you can find a bit more about it and see some examples from their VSCO Film 00 preset pack

Adobe Lightroom is a programme for editing and categorising photos. I use it to edit my blog photos, as well as my freelance fashion photography work. Presets are already plugged in to Lightroom where you press a button and add a 'filter' for want of a better term to your photo instantly, but you can buy/download/create presets to add in to your preset library

Now, most people know about VSCOcam as a photo editing app on smart devices and the way it can emulate film photography. They have now released a preset starter pack for Lightroom for FREE. eek excuse me whilst I fall in love.
I LOVE shooting real film, but the kinds of things I photograph sometimes don't allow me to use film, so the fact I can now emulate film in my digital files by the click of a button is fantastic.
The starter pack includes different variations of their two most popular film emulations in preset packs that you can actually purchase. The VSCO Film 00 starter pack includes Kodak Gold 100 and Kodak Tri-X film emulations. Basically, it includes different variations of colour film (Gold 100) and different variations of black and white film (Tri-X)

These two images above are the same picture. The first image is the 'Before' image and the second image is the 'After' image. You can see the difference and the grain it has added into the image as well as how much punchier the colours are. I have simply pressed a button to make the image like this, I haven't then done anything else to the image apart from save it. This look was achieved by using the 'Kodak Gold 100' preset

Again, above, is another 'Before and After' sequence with a different preset of the Kodak Gold 100. This time I used the 'Kodak Gold 100 Portrait' preset and look how appealing the portrait has become from the original. I know it is my own work but it looks gorgeous

Below is the stand alone image using 'Kodak Gold 100 Portrait'

Overall, I am absolutely loving this preset starter pack by VSCO and I can not wait to shoot some new work to add these presets onto. It really adds something different and vibrant to my images and I love the fact it really does emulate the Kodak film
You can download the starter pack here if you use Lightroom: VSCO Film 00

What do you think of the edited images? Do you use VSCOcam? Do you use Lightroom and now want these presets?

If there is anything you didn't understand in this post do please leave me a comment and I will answer any questions you have. I would also love your opinions on the photographs within this post so please do comment below 


  1. Beautiful photos. I started a blog because I enjoyed writing, I did not expect to fall in love with photography the way I have. I am still very much an amateur, but little apps I have found really have helped! Another one for me to check out then!

    1. Thank you ever so much :)
      Photography is highly addictive. I think it is because we are all very visual beings and are able to see the world in different ways

  2. I don't edit any photos and wouldn't know where to start but this sounds super easy. Going to check it out.

  3. I haven't yet got an instagram account yet but your post re. VSCOcam makes me think I must. Stunning photos btw.

    1. Thank you. VSCOCam is great for android and iphone to edit photos. You can use it even without an Instagram account

  4. Great photos. I love the warmth of the Kodak Gold 100 'After' image x

  5. I'm always interested to hear how others edit their photos. I was brought up with Photoshop so when I started editing my food photos this seemed the obvious choice. I'm interested to see how something like VSCOcam could work for me though! Thanks for sharing :-)

  6. Wow this is amazing, thanks for sharing!! x


  7. This is amazing! Love it! You are so beautiful as well! I have lightiroom but had no clue you can use it in phone! Will try! Thanks for the tips!

    Anna, Don't Cramp My Style

    1. I wish that was me! It isn't I'm afraid. It's just a model I photographed for some fashion work and these presets are for Lightroom on my desktop

  8. I like to use LR for editing. Lightroom has some very interesting innovations as well as a number of improvements and of course bug fixes. Adobe Camera RAW module is updated regularly and independently of Photoshop and Lightroom, however, these updates only add support for the regular cameras. http://hdrprograms.com/hdr-lightroom-5/ tips for Lightroom users


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