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Thursday, 16 July 2015

NudestixI have already mentioned Nudestix once before on the blog right here, but when these little beauties lovingly appeared on my doorstep I had to use them straightaway and tell you more about them
Nudestix have recently released a whole bunch of new products that will excite any beauty lover and anybody who loves the whole "I have makeup on, but you wouldn't even know" kind of look

NudestixSo what did they send me? They sent me one of their new sculpting pencils, because everybody is obsessed with contouring and now it is as easy as a pencil!, a bronzing pencil for the summer months ahead as well as my summer holiday, and a clean up pencil

The clean up pencil falls within a range that are designed to help us with our skin woes! They also have a moisturising pencil, a matte & blemish pencil and a blur pencil. The clean up pencil is meant to minimize the look of lines, creases and pores for smoother looking skin. This is exactly what I need as I suffer from acne and so I am always worried about pores showing
The sculpting and the bronzing pencil are both double ended with both pencils having a darker colour on one end and a lighter colour on the other. Darker colour for contouring, lighter for highlighting, y'all know how it works by now

The sculpting pencil goes on matte, and it just glides over the skin and all you then need to do is buff into your skin with your fingers to blend it out. It is as simple as drawing a few lines and then buffing for that chiselled cheek look. It is so easy and contouring can be accessible to everyone now. You can even draw dots and buff out, whichever way is your preferred method to contour. Now, I currently love Illamasqua's Gel Sculpt for contouring but these have made it into my makeup regime for the time being as they are just so easy. I just draw and smudge, it is so simple
contour pencil
contour pencil
The bronzing pencil is different to the sculpting pencil, in that the bronzing pencil is more golden in their colours, but the darker colour is matte and the lighter colour is more luminous and shimmery for that perfect bronzed highlight. These could also be used as eye shadows and aren't just for bronzing the face. You don't even need to contour with them, you can just use the darker colour, or the lighter colour. Whichever floats your boat really. I love using the luminous shade as a bronzing highlight. It is so flattering and makes me feel like a bronzed goddess
Each pencil comes packaged within its own little tin also. The lid of the tin houses a mirror and inside the tin is your pencil and its own little pencil sharpener. Such amazing attention to detail and so easy to carry within your handbag if you want to touch up during the day. There is even space to house other little bits within one tin! I end up carrying about 3 pencils within one tin, and the pencil sharpener, around in my handbag every day

Also included is a little note from the founders, Taylor and Ally explaining how they use this pencil and their ideas on how to apply and where. If you are a newbie to this kind of product it is such a nice touch as new products can sometimes be a bit daunting as you are all like agghhh how do I even use this? If I put it there and smudge will it work? I just don't know

You can get Nudestix in the UK on LookFantastic, or you can order from Sephora for UK delivery

Have you ever heard of Nudestix? Do you like the 'barely there' makeup look? Will you give these a go?
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These items have been gifted to me by Nudestix, but all opinions are my own


  1. I've never heard of Nudestix before, but they look lovey, might have to give these a try - thanks for sharing x

  2. I haven't heard of this brand before but I'll check them out and see if I like anything that I see. Thank you :)


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