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Monday, 6 July 2015

Facial oil is something that has seemed really silly to me. My skin is oily, so why would I use oil?! I don't really understand the logistics behind it all that oil beats oil, this really shows how much of a beauty novice I actually am
But when I was given the chance to try out Peau Naturelle's Anti Blemish Facial Oil, I thought why not try it out? Everybody has been raving about the effects of cleansing with oil after all
So yes, I came into this review a bit dubious about how it could help my combination skin out. I have used this oil every morning since receiving it. I put 2-3 drops into my palm, rub my palms together and then put onto my face. You could also use it before you go to bed as a night serum
The oil contains tea tree oil, which is evident by the smell once you put it onto your face but that smell doesn't last long. It also contains jojoba oil and lavender oil
The tea tree is the antiseptic in the oil so is meant to be great for blemish prone skin, the jojoba is the moisturising oil as tea tree can be harsh and drying to skin and the lavender oil is calming as well as helping to create a bacteria free environment alongside the tea tree
Due to these 3 oils being the ingredients this product is suitable for vegans and is cruelty free *yay*
Peau Naturelle's Organic Anti-Blemish oil is meant to moisturise, repair, protect and help fight blemishes
For me it is an absolute godsend to my skin and I wish I knew why! I currently don't need to use moisturiser on my face as this oil has cleared up all combination dry patches within one use (and I have used it for 2 weeks now so I feel amazing. Even the eczema I have ,or should I say had, within my eyebrows has gone) and my blemish/acne prone skin is the clearest it has been for such a long time. I still have some red areas to my face, but all I need is a tiny bit of concealer on to even out the redness and I am now happy to go outside with a bare face and minimal makeup
The only thing I wish, and this is the only negative I have to say about the product, I wish the bottle it came in offered a pipette lid so I can count out 2-3 drops in my hand rather than splash out a whole load of product into my hand. That is the only gripe I have and it isn't even about the oil itself!
This product has made it onto my permanent skincare buys list and the great thing is that you can get Peau Naturelle on Amazon
Will you give Peau Naturelle a go? Do you currently use facial oil? Have you ever tried facial oil?
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This item was gifted to me, but all views are my own and my honest opinion


  1. It sounds really good. I have combination skin too, so this would be great for my skin.


  2. I really struggle with my skin and I'm allergic to the hallowed tea-tree oil :-( I'm glad thsi worked for you though x


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