Shivon's Summer Lookbook: Outfit 5

Monday, 20 July 2015

I have already brought you Outfit 1,2 and 4 from the summer lookbook me and Shivon are filming together. Today I bring you outfit 5. The final outfit from the lookbook, but also the second look we shot on our appalling day where we attempted to go to the beach and got harassed
There is more on that here if you have no idea what I am talking about

Just like outfit 4, we shot these at Shivon's totally insta-worthy house and this was the look we initially wanted to shoot on the pier, until it rained all day and dirt miraculously appeared on Shivon's skirt

After 3 hours of power washing and an extra hour tumble drying, we finally got the skirt back to a state that was somehow wearable and not too wet, the skirt is a scuba material which is a nightmare to dry, and we attempted to salvage the day by taking some photos at least for Shivon's blog
Needless to say that after taking a few photos in this cute little doorway at Shivon's house we knew we just needed to film some bits as the outfit was too cute to waste, and her house had so many areas that looked different to where we previously had filmed outfit 4

All of these images are shot by me, and then within Adobe Lightroom I have applied some of my VSCO Presets to really enhance the images
I think Shivon should just rent out her house to photographers and videographers like me as it is totally a bloggers dream house with Insta-worthy bits everywhere. The fact we managed to film 2 looks within it is amazing, and the video sections look different to each other is a win. Nobody will ever know we were within one location, well except for you guys that have read this....

This was the final outfit for the lookbook and I am sad that this project has now ended. But it's OK. Shivon now wants to involve me within future projects so you will see more of our colab down the line, and when her lookbook video gets released I will be posting it here for all to see our hard work

What do you think of these photographs? Isn't Shivon's outfit really cute, glam but also 50's-esque?
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  1. That is a beautiful doorway, it's just made for photoshoots! Love that skirt as well.

  2. I think shooting here over the beach was a good plan the colours really compliment the outfit!

    1. Thank you. Glad you think so as we were so stressed

  3. What a beautiful setting, you are so right her house looks to be a bloggers dream, her outfit is beautiful too!

    Georgia x

    1. The inside was just as beautiful also! So country chic, even though it isn't in the country


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