Shivon's Summer Lookbook: Outfit 4

Monday, 13 July 2015

As I write this I have totally realised I have missed out outfit 3 and have gone straight to outfit 4. Oops. But yes, today I bring you a look at outfit 4 to Shivon Johnstone's Summer Lookbook video that should be out in the next few weeks *eek*
Of course all of these images are by me

This look was a festival inspired look and was actually a very last minute thrown together look, in that Shivon knew she would be wearing this to EDC festival (which is happening today actually) but she didn't plan to put this within the lookbook! I will explain what happened here as it was a very very long day...
The day we took these pictures, we were meant to be heading down to Southend-On-Sea to photograph and film two different outfits on the beach and the pier. Well, we started driving to Southend and we get three quarters of the way there for it to chuck it down with rain. We stop at a service station to grab coffee and weather reports said it would be raining until 5pm down in Southend


OK, time to re-assess life

We grab a coffee in the service station and start thinking of locations inside. Before we leave that is when Shivon notices there is now dirt on the skirt of the outfit she really wanted to film. Seriously, where the hell did it even come from?
So we head back to the car, get sexually harassed within my car trying to reverse out and get asked by some 'lads' if we want a bit of their sausage. Erm, no thanks. Unless you genuinely have some hot dogs and I'm all for food yanno

So we head back to Shivon's house after driving for an hour to chuck the skirt into the wash and figure out what to do. Not even joking though, her house is so Insta-worthy that we ended up just filming there, especially as the weather hadn't even rained back in Hertfordshire. What an absolute joke
And that is the story of our road trip to a Costa at Thurrock service station. It was such a stressful day that I am surprised we even managed to then create some images and video, but I feel like what we did create worked so well and we made the best out of a bad situation

What do you think of these photographs after such a stressful day? Not being at the beach worked out for us eh?
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  1. The colours of this look really suit you and your stunning make up really brings out your eyes. The beach might have taken attention away, but these photos look great!

    1. If only that was me! haha It is beauty vlogger Shivon. The photos are by me though so thank you for the compliment :)

  2. Lovely outfit, really cute & summery.
    I live near Southend on sea too, it's a small world!x

  3. I agree with Micaela your eye make up its stunning. Great photography and setting, I think the change of plans all worked out for the best.

    1. Thank you, but it isn't me I am afraid! The photos are just by me. The makeup is actually on beauty vlogger Shivon :)


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