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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

I am an Access all Asos Insider and they recently took me down to the launch party of the Vans X Eley Kishimoto launch party! This has made my whole life because the only shoes you will ever see me wear are Vans, and especially patterned Vans! I am known amongst my friends for ALWAYS buying leopard print Vans

Eley Kishimoto are all about patterns so these shoes have made it high on my 'don't need but I desperately want so please take all of my cash' list

The party was held at House of Vans in London which is such a great venue in itself. If you have never been it is a series of tunnels underground

Down one tunnel was an exhibition of the patterns as well as the shoes and accompanying imagery as well as inflatables to create a truly immersive experience to celebrate their Living Art collection. Not to mention a photo booth that used the patterns as a border. Much fun!
Go into the next tunnel and that was the stage where the music acts would be playing as well as one of the bars and a whole ceiling full of patterned balloons. I got so many instas of that balloon covered ceiling alone

The very next tunnel along was the skate bowl where they had people skating in it all night, but security wouldn't let me up to have a go so clearly it was part of the event and it made me sad as I had all of the skateboard jealously and woes
Image courtesy of Vans & Asos
The whole Vans x EK collection is full of beautiful patterns and covers most of Vans shoe styles from high tops, to their Authentics as well as slip ons. Their Authentic range is the one I constantly wear and I have my eye on the 'Magnolia Hysteria' patterned ones, but I'd also be tempted by a casual slip on

The collection doesn't just stop at their shoes though! There is a full range of clothing to go with the patterned shoes so you can mix & match, co-ord or clash to your hearts content. Like I said before, I am in love with the Magnolia pattern and some of the clothing can be seen in the images below

The musical line-up for the night was curated by Mark Eley himself (Eley Kishimoto is Mark Eley and his wife Wakako Kishimoto) and my favourites of the night were Kero Kero Bonito. A japanese sounding three-some whom are actually British!

Further into the night presented the best of London's Grime scene. I unfortunately had to leave early to catch the last train home (boo! This is where it would be handy to live IN London rather than OUT) and I missed a guest appearance from Tempah T with a couple of the BBK gang
The collection brings alive classic Vans prints also with Vans x EK reinventing the iconic Vans checkerboard print and turning it into the energetic 'Drums' print
The classic waffle sole is usually only seen as an imprint as it is underneath the shoe, but Eley Kishimoto have translated it into a 3D print dubbed 'Whopping Waffle' which adorns the Low-Top Era in a bright blue (Can be seen in an image above)
No detail has gone amiss within this collection and it certainly is a gorgeous and vibrant one!

Considering I had to leave the party early, it was one of the best nights of my life and one of the greatest parties I have been to (and I have been to a few LFW fashion parties before, humble brag)

You can shop the Vans X EK collection on Asos as well as with Vans themselves

Feel like you missed out on the party? Don't worry! You can experience it for yourself right here on Youtube

What do you think of the collection? Do you own a pair of Vans?
All images are taken by me unless stated otherwise


  1. I loooove Vans and this party looks amazing! Definitely going to check it out on Youtube! Thanks for bringing us the post :)

    Lottie xx

  2. Wow, House of Vans looks amazing. What a spectacular venue! Love that they've got matching clothing for your favourite Vans. My sister is a Vans fan and her birthday is coming up, will have to have to look them up!

  3. I love Vans, what a great launch party to be part of

  4. Wow that looks amazing!!
    I love vans and they certainly know how to make an entrance!

  5. That place looks amazing! I'm such a massive fan of Vans <3

  6. Sounds and looks like it was an amazing event to attend and you would think at first site its in tunnels. Such lovely print too, absolutely gorgeous.

  7. Looks Lush! Never been to launch parties but a great sharing xx


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