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Thursday, 27 August 2015

ChocolateAnyone who knows me, knows that I love America. I am always dreaming of going to various parts of America and their food and that I love 'American Pancakes' more than I love 'English Pancakes' which FYI are actually French Crepes but some people just don't accept this

I recently found out about a little website named American Soda where you can buy all of these American foods, drinks, sweet treats and snacks and get it delivered to your house *heart eyes emoji*

Reese'sAs you can see, I have a little bit of an obsession with Reese's and peanut butter. After spending forever scouring their Reese's section I decided to pick up some bits that I haven't seen in UK supermarkets and give them a go because I certainly won't get a chance until I go to NYC in 2016

I picked up some Oreo's that have Reese's peanut butter as the filling Oh Lord have mercy on my soul! Some swiss rolls with a Reese's peanut butter filling, just take me to heaven right now Oh Lord! Some regular Reese's peanut butter cups just because, and 2 Reese's chocolate bars I had never ever heard of before and of course I chose the King size versions over the regular size

Root BeerBecause I had straight up hauled all of this candy for myself, I felt bad for my other half Jordan so I managed to get him a couple of bits as well. He loves Root Beer thanks to me, even though I can't stand the stuff

I ended up getting him a new brand of Root Beer to try as well as some root beer liquorice. He is always going on about wanting to try taffy, but American Soda didn't have any in stock so maybe next time. What even is taffy anyway? I'd love some answers in the comments below!

I ordered all of this amazing goodness on a Friday and it arrived early Tuesday. I was dead happy and impressed! I am definitely going to have a major haul from American Soda again as there are so many more Reese's bits I need to order, and cheetos, and pop tarts, and taffy, and buffalo wing flavoured crisps, and Ho Hos and different flavoured twinkies and *takes breath* no doubt much much more

Do you think Americans have the best treats/snack food? What is Taffy?! Am I too obsessed with Reese's??
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