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Thursday, 13 August 2015

When the lovely people at Dermatique offered bloggers a chance to review their products which have been specially designed for eczema and psoriasis, dry and itchy skin, I knew I needed to review!

You won't know but I actually suffer from eczema in the most random places! My eyebrows, scalp and my ears. Quite common apparently, but e45 doesn't work anymore and medicated shampoos and lotions never worked for me and made me feel disgusting, well none worked that I have ever been prescribed and have tried so far
The areas in which I get eczema I find to be a little embarassing and soul crushing. People see flakes of skin on my shoulders and automatically think I'm dirty, when in actual fact I wash every day and dandruff is due to excess oil that gets created, or just simply dry skin on your scalp

The fact it is inside and behind my ears as well as in my eyebrows shows that I may have seborrhoeic dermatitis, but I have also had doctors say 'eczema'. Either way, it is embarassing and not good for my self esteem

They sent me a tub of their Recuperating Cream as well as their Recuperating Hair & Body Complex because I mentioned about my scalp and the fact I wear a lot of black clothing which makes it so noticeable

Their words were "Let's get you back into black!"

So, a little bit of background for you. Dermatique are a British brand whose owners developed their own range of skincare after their nine month old daughter was diagnosed with severe eczema. How adorable! This is a brand I can definitely get behind and what makes it even better is the products contain no steroids, no parabens, no mineral oils, no perfumes, no peanut oils and no colouring. None of those nasties that skin doesn't need

Their Recuperating Cream is a moisturiser that you would put on when needed, but at least twice a day. I put it on in the morning and before I go to sleep onto my affected areas, but I also use it on any other dry patches of skin I can feel as well as a moisturiser for my face. You could even use it as a primer for makeup, but I don't think I can yet throw out my Laura Mercier primer as I love it THAT much

This is the most luxurious feeling cream I have ever used or tried. It feels amazing to rub into my face and is cooling and soothing, but just generally feels amazing as soon as I stick my finger into the tub to take some out. I don't even know of any products I can liken it too! It isn't as thin as e45 cream and it isn't as thick as a mousse, it is like a midway between the two. That is the best way I can think to describe it

After just one application I could feel a difference. A good 8 hours after application I would scratch behind my ear and no skin would flake off onto my finger, HALLELUJAH I MAY HAVE FOUND SOMETHING THAT WORKS!

The Recuperating Hair & Body Complex, whilst the name doesn't really give it away, is a shampoo that can also be used as a gentle body wash. It is thicker than normal shampoos, almost jelly like and I have been struggling with this. It doesn't lather as well as I am used too and I don't feel like my hair is being cleaned as well and it seems to tangle my hair up more
BUT it actually leaves my hair so soft. Much softer than I thought it would do and the amount of flakes I see on my black tops seems to have reduced drastically since using it

Due to the nature of my eczema and the random places it is in I have been unable to photograph 'Before and Afters' because it is really hard getting pictures of the backs of your ears! But please do believe me when I say I am no longer as itchy, or as flaky with flaking bits of skin all over whatever top I wear

Dermatique has actually been my saviour and I feel confident again

Do you suffer from any skin condition that is similar or the same? If you do I thoroughly recommend you check out Dermatique
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  1. Sounds good but I have to say the best treatment I have ever seen is a beeswax balm. My boyfriend had eczema on his hands and elbows a couple of months back. I got him some beeswax and it was cleared up within days and so far it hasn't even come back.

  2. I suffer from eczema too, it only comes up occasionally though so I don't worry too much about it. Will deffo keep this in mind for future tho!



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