5 Travel Destinations I Dream Of

Monday, 24 August 2015

The Eiffel Tower
Paris isn't one of them. I just decided to include some of my travel pictures within this post seeing as it is all about travel and the places I now dream of, even though I always dream of Paris and it is always a good idea

So please do enjoy my travel pictures from various places I have been to, whilst I count down the 5 travel destinations that I dream of going to within my life!
I wouldn't say I am well travelled, nor would I say that I haven't been lucky in my life and the places I have been to in my childhood and teens as family holidays

I was lucky enough to roadtrip from Cali to Las Vegas as a family holiday. Shame I was nowhere near old enough to really experience Las Vegas. I have been to Disney World in Florida many times, and Disneyland Paris even more so

I have been to Barcelona for the day, Dublin for a couple of weekends, Iceland for a long weekend, I have been to Spain more times than I can shake a stick at and I really hate that saying but I had no idea what else would fit and I have visited Berlin/Germany and Vienna on business trips and some personal trips

I will be in Italy when this post goes online and New York over Valentines day in 2016
But there are still some places I am yet to go that I lust after. This list is those places
Caves in Nerja, Spain
1. Bali
I don't know why, but I have it stuck in my head so much at the moment that I NEED to go to Bali. I mean, if you just google Bali look how gorgeous the pictures are that come up. I have never been anywhere that exotic, but I definitely need to go and experience it. I want to to experience their spiritual temples and the Ubud Monkey Forest, but most importantly I just want to relax in their exotic land and see a new culture
I also remember seeing America's Next Top Model take the contestants to Bali and it just looked gorgeous. Unlike anything I have ever seen before

2. Japan in Cherry Blossom season
I am in love with Cherry Blossom. I love the look of it and pictures that you see of it, and it seems to be iconic within Japan. What better way to experience Japan than when their cherry blossom is in bloom and such beauty is around. Not to mention I want to go to the Ghibli museum and eat all of the Wagamamas-esque food and sushi. There is just something about Japan I have always wanted to experience and I don't know whether it is just the kawaii culture, the food, or the fact they are at an amazing technological pace compared to us westerners. Whatever it is, I want to go and I want to go now

3. Americuurrrr
Nothing will ever get rid of my love for America. I want to go back to Florida and experience Disney again as an adult. I want to shoot guns at gun ranges. I want to go to Sephora. I want to drive down Route 66. I want to do a lot in America and go to a lot of places in America and do a lot of things in America. There is no single state in America I want to go to. I want to do it all.

4. Sweden
I am just so into that scandi vibe, even though I don't exude it. And now that Eurovision is heading to Sweden, what better reason to try and go eh?

5. Morocco
I keep seeing loads of good deals to head to Marrakech recently. I am so up for this and again, I really do not know why! I have even started trying to eat more cous cous and look into more ethnic foods than I would normally eat. I think it is because Morocco and moroccan inspired prints and clothing is in trend at the moment on the high street that I have been inspired to go. Again for me, it is all about trying new food and experiencing a totally different culture and creating memories and learning something new in life
So, there we have it. Those are the 5 travel destinations I am currently lusting after, and no doubt these will change within the next year or so!
I am going to try and plan to tick off Bali and Morocco within 2016. I am already going to be ticking off NYC within America in 2016, 1 down and a hell of a lot more to go!

What are your dream destinations?
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  1. I went to Paris for the first time this summer and it's got my heart. Can't wait to go back. Really want to go to NYC and Barcelona. Also love a trip to London.


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