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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Photo CanvasY'all should know by now that I freelance in photography and I LOVE taking pictures. I have a collection of different cameras and countless images on multiple hard drives
I do nothing with those images though. Not even images from an unforgettable holiday to Iceland

When Snapfish UK gave me the opportunity to get creative and create my own Photo Gifts though, I knew exactly what I wanted to create and was dead happy I could finally get my Iceland photographs out of my computer

Photo PrintingThe very first thing I knew I wanted to create was a canvas print to hang onto my bedroom walls. My bedroom walls are white so I have plenty of light to play around and I don't need to worry whether the photograph I choose will fit in with the decor and colour of my room. Everything goes with white after all

I decided to opt for a slim canvas print as I didn't want anything too big and I opted for the small, but sweet, 10x8 size

It was so difficult choosing which picture I wanted to forever hang onto my walls, but I chose one in the end and you can see it within the top image of this blog post. I could have created a collage canvas of multiple images from my Iceland trip which I thought was really cool and unique, but I knew as a piece of wall art I wanted just the one really striking image. If only I had seen and captured the Northern Lights. That would have been THE image to forever have as wall art!
Snapfish UKI also created my own photo book as this would be a way to show my images and my holiday off to family and friends, as well as a way for me to look back at the images again without remembering which hard drive the images are all on!

I opted for the 11x8 Landscape photo book with a Linen cover, but I was impressed at how many choices of book style there was as well as different array of sizes

I opted for one of the larger sizes to really show off my images in all of their glory and as much detail as possible because this truly was a magnificent holiday. I also opted for the Linen cover in a classic black to make the book seem as expensive as possible. I also like the fact the Linen cover has a small cutout for one of the images to peek through
This has helped me to create a 'Gallery Photo Book' style vibe, like the coffee table books you would buy after a really good photography exhibition. This is my version for a holiday to Iceland just without the exhibition
Snapfish UK PhotobookThe making of the book took me a good few hours, but that is because there are so many ways you can create a photo book! It was actually quite therapeutic getting busy and trying to create something as personal and beautiful as this

Because I wanted this to be a mix of photography portfolio and travel diary, I didn't get as creative as I could have done but I am happy with the results all the same
I added minimal text so as not to distract from my actual images and I made some images double page spreads with other images then layered over the top of them in one corner
Some images, even if I do say so myself, were too beautiful not to be double page spreads and have all of the attention as I turn over the page to view it in its glory
Snapfish UK Photobook
Snapfish UK Photo PrintingSnapfish already have loads of different page layouts and templates you can choose from in order to best lay out your images on a page if you really don't know what to do with them, but I think the best thing is to just get absorbed in the making process and truly make it yours rather than rushing the process

Yes, you can get Snapfish to put all images you upload into a book automatically but really make it yours. Mess around with the layouts, add text, make some REALLY good images double page spreads, layer images over other images. Make it as close to a scrapbook as you can! Just a really good digital scrapbookSnapfish UK Photo PrintingMy favourite technique was making an image a single or a double page spread, and then adding another image into the corner of the page somewhere. High res images are what I recommend when you know you will be doing double and single page spreads

I stuck to white pages, as well as my own images being the background of some pages, but you don't have to. Snapfish have plenty of creative themes to choose from to help create the pages of your book. I just prefer images on white and to make it look a bit gallery-esque

However, I wish I had kept all of my tickets collected from the holiday and some of the Icelandic money as I definitely would have scanned those in to create some kind of scrapbook-y background that I could have used that would have been even more personal to the book
In the end, I just curated all of my pictures from my holiday to Iceland and put them into the book in chronological order, starting with a double page spread of my view from my panoramic hotel room in the Reykjavik Hilton, and then going through the sights I went to see and photograph all in order, ending with the Geysir erupting which was the last sight I saw before going home the next day

When I now look through this book I remember everything I did on the days I photographed these sights, what I ate, and how I felt. It is such a beautiful reminder of a great bucket list holiday, and a constant reminder of how picturesque Iceland really is
Photo PrintingFor being a new customer I also got 20 free 6x4 photo prints so I printed a selection of holiday snaps, iPhone snaps and some of my actual photography portfolio work to test out the quality of the prints

A lot of people like glossy photographs, but I don't and so I was happy there was the option of matt photo paper. Yay. You could also add borders onto the images. I absolutely love doing this, I just can't explain why. Any time I print images I just always add a border
However, when Snapfish had different border options, I knew I needed to try out one of their creative styles

You could choose black or white borders (always white. Gallery-esque), but there was the option of a 'ripped' border so I definitely had to choose that for a bit of fun within my photos
Photo Printing
I have had such a great experience with Snapfish and I have some amazing memories now physically hanging on my wall and sitting on my coffee table for guests to view

I definitely think I will be ordering a photo book every time I go on a photographic holiday, NYC is my next one so expect some more business next year Snapfish! and I am really pleased with the print quality. I may print out larger sizes to start making a physical photography portfolio for clients as all I currently have is my website. Let us keep print alive! There really is nothing quite like a physical photograph

Do you print out photographs? Shouldn't we all find a way to keep our memories alive?
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Credit was provided to me by Snapfish UK to create these photo items, but all views and opinions are my own


  1. Love this. Ive been wanting to get a couple of canvas done. Must keep snapfish in mind.

  2. Yea I print out my pictures a lot. Love your pictures. Stunning.


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