Monday, 31 August 2015

Date Night: The Sky Garden

The Sky Garden is a place that I have seen many a blogger go to, as well as anyone who knows the cool spots within London
The pictures I have always seen of it made me constantly think "oh dammit, I really need to go". Especially as it is actually free! You just need to book some free tickets before you actually go

Me and Jordan celebrated our 2 year anniversary this month, on the 26th August. But we were actually at a wedding in Italy on that date so obviously we couldn't really celebrate ourselves, so on the weekend we could celebrate I booked for us to go to Alice's Adventures Underground and then an evening trip to the Sky Garden where I treated us to Prosecco

(By the way, the Sky Garden sells a £2,985 bottle of Champagne. If anyone wants to take me again to experience that Champagne, HOLLA!)

I totally recommend a trip to the Sky Garden if you are ever planning to go into London. It is a nice atmosphere to just chill out with drinks, but also looks gorgeous because of the urban architecture meets rainforest greenery vibe, and it is free to go into. Duh. Why would you not want to go?!

I hope you enjoyed my images and are now inspired to check it out

Will you now visit the Sky Garden? Had you ever heard of it?

All images are my own, apart from the images of me which were taken by my boyfriend Jordan


  1. I love the Sky Garden, endless views over London and great places to have a coffee, drinks and dinners- Perfect! R

  2. I have always wanted to go there, but unfortunately I am very scared of heights and almost fainted last time I was on the sky. Lovely photos xx

    1. With this though you don't have to go outside onto the balcony. You can stay inside and enjoy the gardens! x

  3. I have literally never heard of the Sky garden, but now I have I am definitely going there!

  4. Oh wow, the Sky Garden looks AMAZING! I moved to London 2 years ago and I had no idea this existed... I am going to have to visit it now! Also, I love your lip colour - what is it?

    Lottie xx

    1. The lip colour is Ciate's liquid velvet in shade "Risque" :) x

  5. I live in London and for quite a while this place is on my go to list. Hmm maybe I should go next week? This definitely makes me want to go there so much more!

  6. Looks brilliant! Must try to check it out when next in London.

  7. I visited at the start of August, it's a lovely place, I did a post with some photos from it too! :) x


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