Strobing with Jelly Pong Pong

Thursday, 6 August 2015

highlighterThose of you who subscribe to Birchbox may have had a chance to sample this in their July Birchbag's. I saw some subscribers receive this and I was hoping and praying I would get a chance to try it out in my bag, but it wasn't meant to be

So, I used my Birchbox points as I had enough which meant I got this little item for absolutely nothing at all! I got it free. Viva La Birchbox points!

Highlighter GelI must not be the only one to notice that strobing is literally everywhere. I mean it has been a technique that MUA's have used in forever, but the internet has coined it as something brand new and something that you must do! Of course, being a sucker into instagram I knew I needed a highlighter in my life to try out and do this strobing upon my own face, because we all need that highlighter on fleek right now

Strobing is essentially highlighting, but without the contouring. I see it a lot backstage at London Fashion Week during S/S seasons as everybody wants that youthful and radiant dewy skin but to also look minimal for the heat that summer brings. It looks gorgeous when done right and has never been something I have ever considered trying on my own face for fear of looking oily
Highlighter GelEver since I started blogging I have found some amazing new techniques and I feel my overall makeup techniques have gotten better and have improved longevity and blemish coverage, which is why I have now bit the bullet and am trying out a highlighter on a day to day basis

The Jelly Pong Pong Glow Getter luminizer gel is a tiny pot, literally tiny, but I am finding I don't need that much applied to my face. I dot a couple of bits onto my cheekbones, down the length of my nose and above my cupids bow and pat it out with my finger

It goes on looking like a dusky, glittery pink but as soon as you start patting and blending it melts into the skin and leaves a lovely glittery sheen, but not too glittery so that you look like you have painted yourself with a glitter pen
The texture of it is quite tacky when patting it in, but you soon get over that and it blends outwards well. I sometimes use a stippling brush to blend it in and outwards also 
I like to use it just to brighten up my face in certain areas. My skin is quite problematic and you can see my pores sometimes so strobing definitely doesn't have the flawless & dewy effect on me like most people on Instagram, but it certainly does add some dimensions to my face when the light hits it. I just don't think I could do the highlighting without some kind of cheek contouring so I am not a strobing convert really....

I will definitely carry on using Jelly Pong Pong's highlighter gel, but above some blush on my cheeks or to be paired with my Illamasqua Gel Sculpt 

You can grab Jelly Pong Pong's Luminizer Gel from Birchbox, just like I did

What do you think of Strobing?
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  1. I've never tried highlighting but I am sure I should. Looks great on you.

  2. I've been looking for a new highlighter. I normally go for the bronzed look but I really want to try this shimmer! Kat x


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