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Monday, 10 August 2015

Vans ShoesYou should have already seen that I got to attend the VansXEK launch party, and if you didn't where have you been? I have been humble bragging all about that shizz

As well as attend the launch party at House of Vans, Asos themselves also gifted me with a pair of shoes from the collection. I am such a lucky girl and I now think they are part of my feet. I think I need surgery to remove them, not even joking

Vans shoes
I love and adore Vans anyway. They are my shoe of choice and you will always see me in a pair of them whether it be my plain black slip ons, to my really really old leopard print 'Authentics', my Hawaiian floral print 'Authentics', my leopard print 'Old Skools' and my kids size leopard print slip ons
Do you see a trend with the leopard print? And yes my feet are so small that I can actually buy kids sizes and save myself some dough

For my gift from Asos I chose the 'Magnolia Hysteria' pattern in my favourite style of shoe, the 'Authentic'. I find the Authentics so comfortable that I regularly wear them without socks and just slip them on and go about my day. I don't need to break them in like you would do with some other trainers

I regularly buy these in patterns so that I can wear them to jazz up what would normally be an all black outfit of mine. And now I own the Eley Kishimoto Vans I am definitely all jazzed up!
They also look better once they have gotten a bit dirty and a bit scruffy. One of my pairs in my collection have holes in, but does that bother me? Nope. Makes them look grungy

Vans have always been designed with skating in mind and they do work wonders with grip on the board (yes I also skateboard!) and just general day to day wear. Comfiest shoes ever and maybe that is why all I seem to own are Vans trainers

You can shop the VansXEK collection on Asos, but you can also shop other Vans shoes on Asos too

Do you own a pair of Vans? What do you think of the pair I chose as my gift?
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  1. Those are so cute! I haven't a pair of Vans but I might have to invest in a pair after seeing these

  2. I love how comfy vans are, I don't often wear mine and they are just plain black, but my friend would LOVE these! I love the variety of patterns and colours you can have too! Paige x

  3. I don't have a pair, and I think the one you chose is pretty cool and different. So yay! hehehe

  4. They are gorgeous! I only have one pair of vans and they're just plain red because I'm more of a converse girl, but I'm gonna have to check vans out cus they seem to have better patterns!


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