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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Red LipsWe all know Ciaté as a brand for nails, but did you know they also do makeup for the face rather than just their extensive line of polishes?

I am always on the lookout for mattifying liquid lipsticks and the majority of them only seem to be available on Sephora and in the USA, but I saw this on Laura Lou Beauty's blog and knew I needed to snap it up and use it

Matt Liquid LipstickI picked up the shade named 'Risque' which isn't a pure red, but has an undertone of orange to it and I had been looking out for something that was a bit orangey, but not full on orange ya get me?

As is the case with matte liquid lipsticks, it is best to exfoliate and prep the lips before applying so as not to go all flaky as matte liquid lipsticks do dry and show off any imperfections. I use Lush's lip scrub and then put some vaseline on to nourish my lips before I even think about applying liquid lipstick

You can exfoliate lips just by using lip balm and a toothbrush if you wish. Simple and home made. I much prefer buying lip scrubs though as you can get some amazing tasting sugar scrubs *yum*
Shade Risque
I found this Liquid Velvet through Asos and have already found other shades I want to add to my collection. They do a lovely 'Kylie Jenner' nude titled 'Swoon' and that is next on my wishlist from this range. I have nothing but praise for this Liquid Velvet and definitely think the price point isn't bad considering how much it would cost me to import other well known brands from the USA

It is highly pigmented and didn't make me feel like I need to scrub my lips after a few hours of wear. Other cheaper versions have made me feel like I constantly need lip balm on my lips. Maybe it is just me not used to the texture of such a lipstick, and the wand applicator makes it so easy to get very precise application

I can't get enough of matte liquid lipsticks at the moment and the longevity they give, even when eating. Just try to avoid greasy foods unless you don't mind touching up!

Do you like liquid lipsticks? Did you know Ciaté do makeup? Any other recommendations for me?
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  1. Ooooohhhh I didn't know they did lips. Looks very vibrant. Does it really stay on all day?

    1. It really does! There is some fading when you eat greasy food, or drink as can be expected but it is still highly pigmented and just doesn't look as matte. It takes me a good while with the micellar water to actually remove all of the colour from my lips also after a day


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