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Monday, 21 September 2015

Discovery KitI recently heard about Inika through Hannah Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon's Oli Sykes's wife) and on her Instagram and she absolutely RAVED about them for their quality of cosmetics and how flawless it helps make her, but also because they are Vegan friendly

Even though I am not Vegan, I will try and use Vegan friendly and cruelty free products, as well as try to abide by a clean, plant based diet where possible, because sorry not sorry, sometimes I just crave dat Nando's

Discovery KitAfter googling a bit about them I found out they are a Vegan, Halal and organic company and they use no nasty chemicals inside of their products. They offer everything from mineral make-up to liquid foundation and concealers, blushers, highlighters. Anything you could ever want or need within your makeup bag. I am hoping the fact it is organic and nasty-free will really help my problem prone skin

I haven't seen this in any stores in the UK but I did manage to find them online on places such as Naturisimo & Feel Unique. Where I purchased from however was because I managed to find the perfect kit to really test out Inika. I purchased the "Inika Discovery Kit" in 'Unity' which is meant to be for pale/light skin. Unfortunately I haven't seen it online since, but there are other kits available to trial out Inika

Within the kit is 3g of their mineral foundation, and samples of their facial primer and liquid foundation that are meant to last 7 days, as well as their vegan kabuki brush
Discovery KitThe brush is so soft and is a little bit too big for this sample pot of mineral foundation, but I manage to cope without making too much of a mess. The favourite item for me within this kit is definitely the mineral foundation! It does leave me with a pretty flawless finish when paired with the primer, however I can end up with creases in certain areas as the powder likes to stick to the kabuki brush and doesn't tap off so easily, therefore I end up loaded with powder until I blend it out properly
When used without a primer, I am not so keen on it as it doesn't seem to provide the same amount of coverage, but I will be trialling this again to test the difference. I love using this with a bit of highlighter. Minimal time and fuss and I am ready for the day. I don't really need any concealer when using this with a primer and it doesn't melt off as the day goes on and it also keeps my oily skin at bay #winning!
After trialling this mineral foundation for a while now, after every wear the next morning my skin seems to have loads of new breakouts! There is something about this that doesn't quite agree with my skin it seems. I did love this and now I am just thoroughly disappointed. I still use it, but I loathe my skin the very next day and go makeup free

Major disappointment is the liquid foundation. When I first tried it all that came out of the tube was a clear liquid. I shook it up again and squeezed some more and eventually some light colour came out with this clear liquid. The smell wasn't particularly pleasant either....
When using this paired with the primer I just felt like it clung to spots and scabs I already had and emphasised them, so I washed off and started again and used the mineral foundation instead and have given up with the liquid one. I think I will stick to my YSL Fusion foundation or Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser when I want to use liquid products

Due to this success and disappointment I am so glad I was able to buy a kit like this rather than have to spend money on full size products, as I definitely would have bought the liquid foundation and then hated it and life itself

Had you heard of Inika? Do you shop cruelty free?
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