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Friday, 18 September 2015

I don't know about you, but I LOVE food. And I love a good snack. But it is taking it's toll on my body now as I get older. I have definitely gained weight and I just can't lie to myself anymore. I need to take control over what I intake

When I was asked if I wanted to try out a sample of some chocolate, obviously I said yes! (There goes my healthy mindset). This is chocolate with a twist though. This is Kallo's Milk Chocolate covered Corn Cakes, a healthy snack. I can have chocolate and not worry about how bad it is because these are 78 calories per cake. There is a God

Healthy Snack
Turns out, my family have a lot of Kallo products in the cupboard already but I have never paid attention as it isn't your typical chocolate bar or crisps or naughty snack

Everything Kallo makes is natural also. Meaning it is a lot of wholegrains and no added MSG's, or additives, added flavours and colours. Absolutely nothing nasty added in. Kallo embraces the Nordic approach to life and present creative ideas that demonstrate you can have more of the good stuff without compromising on natural ingredients, or your eating habits (such as wanting ALL of the chocolate)

These corn cakes are meant to be a snack. A great addition to elevenses or a replacement for a biscuit with your afternoon coffee/tea. I got addicted and ended up eating the whole pack in one sitting. Possibly not as healthy as meant to be, but ohmygoodness they are so tasty
Healthy Snack
"The Ladybird was happy, To live without surprise, So when the corn turned chocolatey, She could not believe her eyes.
She always loved to munch on corn, Throughout the afternoon, But this new chocolate-covered treat, Was enough to make her swoon."

I get addicted to chocolate digestives. These little treats have now replaced my digestives addiction which is a little hooray for my calorie intake. They even taste like digestives actually! The chocolate is lovely and creamy, but the texture is obviously that of a corn/rice cake rather than a biscuit. And they are a bit bigger than a digestive. What a cheeky win

Now, time to head off to my nearest Asda to grab another pack, or 2, or 5, or maybe 10.....

Have you heard of Kallo? Will you be trying it out?
Available in Waitrose and Asda stores
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