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Friday, 25 September 2015

iPhone 5sAs you would have seen when I attended the #BlogManfrotto event, I am a Manfrotto Ambassador and have written articles for them as well as photographed an international ad campaign

I have been intrigued by their Klyp system for iPhone for a while and finally got the chance to test it out on my recent trip down to Newquay. I also plan to give it a go when in Italy

Klyp lensesThe Klyp system is an array of different cases you can choose for whichever iPhone you may have. I asked for the white bumper case for my iPhone 5S. This case then allows me to put the phone onto a tripod as well as attach some LED lights to the phone if I am needing a boost of daylight balanced light

What most intrigued me about the Klyp is the fact you can get some lenses which screw onto the case over the iPhone's camera. The 3 lenses are a Wide Angle lens for landscapes, a Fisheye lens and a 1.5x zoom Portrait lens. I am yet to actually use the 'Portrait' lens because it is actually a decent zoom. I was mainly intrigued by the Fisheye and Wide Angle Lens and getting more within my shot
Fistral BeachSurfing

The Sky Garden

All of the images above were taken with the Fisheye lens. Obviously it adds some distortion to the image and can stretch people out, but it is designed to add more into the frame and almost give a 180 degree view point

This lens is also great for just having a bit of fun and playing around with the system and not taking yourself or your pictures too seriously. Everybody loves playing around with a Fisheye every once in a while!
Manfrotto Klyp
The above image was taken with the wide angle lens. It still provides a bit of distortion on the edges of the photo, but it actually got more within the frame than the standard iPhone lens gives me, which is what I obviously wanted with the above shot. I wanted all of the 2 surf boards within the shot. This would definitely be great for some WOW-worthy landscapes also on any kind of holiday
The lenses are easy to carry around also as they come with a little Manfrotto fabric pouch which doesn't take up much room and caps to go over each end of the lens to protect the lenses. The lenses also state which ones they are on the rim of the lens so you'll never need to worry about which one you are actually using and if you have picked up the wrong one
I have already had so much fun using this system and I love that it is all able to be done just by having a certain case on my phone
Would you use the Manfrotto Klyp system on your iPhone?
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  1. Would be awesome to see some of your pictures taken with the lenses :) But I really do like the idea of getting a fish eye one!

    1. The pictures in this post are images I have taken with the lenses. The fisheye one is so much fun

  2. The fisheye one reminds me of the sorts of effects they used on totp in the 1970s, super cool.


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