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Monday, 14 September 2015

MooI hadn't ordered business cards for a while, since 2013 to be exact. Oops. So clearly it was high time that I ordered a new batch for my freelance photography

I have always used anytime I ordered business cards because I have always loved their quality. I decided to stick with them and try out some of their new range of cards
Moo now do all kinds of different styles of card to make yours stand out against the rest. I very nearly got some bog standard sized cards with rounded edges until I saw their wonderful mini cards! I was even tempted by their square format cards, but I feel that would be better for bloggers using their Instagram snaps

I even bought a mini card holder that has a keychain on so that I can always keep some on me as you never know when you will need to hand out a business card. The mini cards are adorable as they are completely different, and different always helps you to stand out. I even got them with rounded edges to help my cards stand out even more

I have always loved Moo for business cards because of the quality of even their most basic card. It is nice, thick, and robust. I have also always loved the fact you can completely customise the card. As you can see, I have included a few of my favourite portfolio pieces on my cards as well as my details

I have my eye on creating some of their stickers using my photography, I just need to decide which photographs to turn into stickers and what I would use them for. I think I just want them because I like stickers!

If you need some new business cards, you can use this link to get 10% off your first order with Moo!

What do you think of my mini business cards?
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