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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Care packageI LOVE Peanut Butter as you may have gathered from previous posts and instagrams. When Peanut Hottie followed me on Twitter I just knew I needed to try it out. I declared my love for all things peanut butter to them and they then sent me the most amazing care package which is pictured above

I can't thank Peanut Hottie enough for the gifts they gave me! A tub each of their 2 flavours, sachets for me to carry around, some vegetarian marshmallows (which are amazing by the way), a little milk bottle and some cubes that I stick into the freezer to make ice cubes
peanut butter hot drinkBefore even tasting Peanut Hottie do you want to know the best thing? Each sachet is only 83 calories! And there is a lot in a sachet which means a couple of teaspoons from the tub will be 83 calories, maybe even less ;) It doesn't need to be a guilty pleasure! It can be an amazing low-calorie pleasure

Whilst it is advertised as a hot drink, it can do so much more than make hot drinks! Peanut Hottie is a powder so you can add it to anything
My first trial with Peanut Hottie and my first tasting was by making a milkshake
I added milk and a sachet of Peanut Hottie into my smoothie blender, mixed it up a bit and then poured into the cute little milk bottle they gave me

OHMYGOODNESS IT IS SO DECADENT. It tasted exactly like the really naughty, fatty and sugary milkshakes you get in various milkshake places, except this one is only 83 calories! I even used Soy milk to really amp up the health factor. You could use almond milk, soy milk, dairy milk, whichever milk takes your fancy for this. Maybe even then add some vanilla ice cream, or some frozen yogurt, or dairy free ice cream to make it truly decadent, I just didn't have any in the house at the time
peanut butter milkshakeSticking with the health aspect and the 83 calories, you could also make it into a protein shake for after those really hard workouts. Water, protein powder, and then some Peanut Hottie. You then have yourselves a really lush protein shake

I used to make peanut butter smoothies with spinach, kale and homemade peanut butter. Now I can make it even easier by adding water, spinach, kale, and some Peanut Hottie! Maybe even some grapes added in to represent peanut butter and jelly
peanut butter hot chocolateAs the weather is now getting colder, what better opportunity to try it out as a hot drink also with the vegetarian marshmallows they sent me

I tried out the peanut butter & chocolate flavour and put a couple of teaspoons into my favourite mug and then added hot water, stirred and topped with mallows. A truly peanutty take on hot chocolate
Next time I do this I think I will try it with hot milk though rather than hot water to make it thicker and creamier and see what it is like then

The taste though is fantastic as it really is like drinking peanut butter cups. The peanut butter and the chocolate obviously work really well together and create a fantastic taste sensation
Even the peanut butter flavour alone is gorgeous, but yanno, I LOVE peanut butter
peanut butter hot chocolateIf you love peanut butter, maybe as much as I do, Peanut Hottie is definitely something you need within your cupboard. Best thing is that it is available in most UK supermarkets so you just need to keep an eye out for it with the rest of the hot drinks

I definitely love it is a healthy alternative to a decadent milkshake and an ice cold milkshake is always quite refreshing. I might attempt to make an iced coffee with Peanut Hottie next actually seeing as I love iced coffee!
Like I said, it is only 83 calories also per serving so win win! Even if you are into your health and fitness, you can still enjoy Peanut Hottie and incorporate it into your smoothies or protein shakes

You can even incorporate it into baking. Keep your eyes peeled for a recipe I will be posting soon ;)

Do you love Peanut Butter?
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  1. This sounds like an amazing gift I could get for my boyfriend. He's obsessed with peanut butter flavoured things like Reeses, but I've never even thought of peanut butter hot chocolate :O x

  2. OMG! This sounds amazing! And super easy to whip up - I love peanut butter so I'm definitely going to have to try this out!


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