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Thursday, 24 September 2015

It seems that my blog post about my relationship break up/break down has been amazingly well received. I have had so many kind and personal messages of support as well as people saying they are proud of me

I have also inspired others to write, and that makes me the happiest of all. A friend of mine, Louise Bates, who is just becoming closer to me also got broken up with, a week before my relationship ended and her relationship had also reached the 2+ year mark. Welcome to a new kind of guest post on a blog. This is what she wants to say...

"True heartbreak occurs when we lose someone to whom our emotional ties are so deep, they are tethered to our souls. When those connections are cut, it can feel like the severing of part of your nervous system, a sudden loss of part of self. I know this because I have recently experienced it. Just like Kaye, the person I believed to be my life partner, decided to exit the stage mid play. It's devastating and nothing anyone says will numb the pain, but what I learnt was that I wasn't alone. I have never been more grateful to my friends for trying to get me to eat after my involuntary three day fast, for letting me cry myself to the point of exhaustion over the phone and for simply reminding me that a facet of my life still existed as it had before the supernova of my romantic relationship. Everyone's different, and time for you may not ease the pain, but it will give you a new point of view, a new coping mechanism and perspective on your experiences"

She has such an amazing way with words, and I am so glad I have been able to provide some kind of outlet for her as I know this has been such a struggle for her. We have bonded so much over our mutual relationship break up/downs and the fact I have inspired at least one person within the world to try and let it go fills me with the warm fuzzies

Is this a common thing? Breakups at about the 2-3 year mark? I am seeing it a lot lately...
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