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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Photo PrintingIf you follow my blog you would have seen some amazing gifts I made to commemorate my trip to Iceland with Snapfish UK. If you don't follow my blog, get on that! But you can also see what I am talking about here

Turns out I actually know some people who work for Snapfish in the printing process and they recommended I make a Premier Lay Flat book, so this is what I have done

SnapfishThey recommended this style of book to me because of the double page spreads I had initially made to really showcase some of my favourite images in all of their glory

The way they bind the books ensures the books lay flat when you have them open and are looking at them so that you can actually see everything on the pages. Perfect for single, or double, page spreads!
SnapfishOn a lot of the pages I made double page spreads, you can't really see the seam either which I am incredibly impressed with

Again, the print quality and colouring I can't fault. It is perfect. These books are even better in terms of paper though. I thought the last book I made was good but ohmygosh this is so much better! The paper is so thick and has an amazing sheen to it which enhances my viewing and the gallery coffee book vibe I was going for
No wonder they call this the Premier Lay Flat book

SnapfishThey also do this style of book in 6x4 size (postcard size), so I decided to create a mini book to keep in my handbag or camera bag of my current photography portfolio

It certainly seems a cute idea that if people ever ask me for examples of my work I can pull out a little mini, and Premier, book

The paper thickness should hopefully also mean that it won't get damaged if I cart it around too much. This little book feels like an amazing postcard booklet you would normally buy at the end of a good Gallery show

SnapfishAnd yes, I have photographed James Franco and shook his hand and stared lovingly into his eyes
SnapfishIf you are ever going to create a photo book, I highly recommend the quality of Snapfish's Premier Lay Flat book. The paper texture alone is worth it

Do you create books for your memories? What do you think of my little photography portfolio booklet idea?
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Credit was provided to me to make the books, but all views are my own

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