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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Becky of Blogger & The Geek and Ren of Ms Mistry Blogs came up with such an amazing idea, concept and an all round bit of fun that they named the Blogger Box Share

Come take a look at what my Blogger Box Share partner Rhiannon bought me and learn a bit more about the actual idea...

Essentially, Blogger Box Share is where Becky & Ren partner you up with another blogger who has similar interests and you then have a month to buy that blogger some gifts and send it out to them! The tricky bit is stalking your partner and sticking to a £10 gifting limit!

I think I did quite well in that for Rhiannon I bought her a little notebook with cameras all over it, and a really cute camera necklace from Etsy

Rhiannon really pushed the boat out though and seemed to get some bang for her buck! She bought me a lovely smelling and christmassy Lush bath bomb, which I can not wait to relax with. Some peanut butter M&M's because yanno, I am totally obsessed with Peanut Butter and I nommed these down as soon as I had photographed it all because blogger problems. As well as an interesting book called "Newspaper Blackout" which is a collection of poems created by using a newspaper and a permanent marker. The perfect companion to the Lush bath bomb really and a truly relaxing evening. A shame I scoffed the M&M's already because that would have been an awesome bath

I am so interested to see if another Blogger Box Share happens because I think it is a truly wonderful idea to bring bloggers together, but also a great surprise to make someone's day! I had forgotten all about it until I received mine in the post and it truly made my day

What do you think of the Blogger Box Share idea?
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  1. What a fantastic concept and a great way of beginning a new friendship too. I love Lush it is one of my favourite hideouts as there is something so comforting about its homely scent.

  2. This is such a sweet idea and I love the concept of stalking someone else, just kidding... x


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