Bulmers Presents: Live Colourful Live

Monday, 19 October 2015

BulmersLast week I had the amazing opportunity to go to a party held by Bulmers Cider where they launched an amazing collaboration between 3 different genres of music. Soul, grime and classical

This is something that I could never imagine would work together but oh my goodness it was amazing. One of the best nights of my life in a long while!
Come have a sneak peek with me at the party...

BulmersBeing a Bulmers party, we couldn't NOT have some Bulmers Cider obviously. They had a selection of 5 of their flavours there to choose from
- Original
- Pear
- Crushed Red Berries & Lime
- Tangy Blood Orange
- Blackcurrant

My current favourite is the Blood Orange flavour, being being a responsible driver I could only have the one drink, even though I really wanted to try the red berries and lime one! But also, like Bulmers say I wanted to remember that night tomorrow! Please do drink responsibly when you drink. Ain't nobody got time for hangovers
BulmersWhen we walked in to the venue we had some weird white things with the Bulmers logo put onto our wrist. It definitely looks like a police tag...

But it ended up being the best thing ever. When all the live music started, the fabric band lit up different colours and it was a rave on my wrist! I could "Pump, Pump, Pump" to my hearts content and be lit up like a little fairy (there's a cheeky little hint there as to who was performing)

The event was held at the One Mayfair which looked so grand from the outside and the inside definitely didn't disappoint! It was like some amazing lit up and colourful church. It definitely wow'ed me and I never wanted to leave

Bulmers Presents Live Colourful LiveOpening the night was new Soul singer on the block Sinead Harnett. She also appears on the special collaboration track that the whole night was about. She started the night with a couple of her own tracks

Now. I'm not usually into this kind of music but I could definitely appreciate the set of lungs and vocals on this girl. She was amazing and I was right at the front so it was great to see it all up close and in such an intimate venue also
I will definitely be keeping my eyes and ears out for this girl
Bulmers Presents Live Colourful Live

Bulmers Presents Live Colourful LiveNext up was UK Grime artist Lethal Bizzle. My absolute guilty pleasure and I was totally excited!
He definitely got the crowd going and there were some mega fans in the audience

Opening with Rari workout, the WHOLE crowd was pumping their Bulmers LEDs into the air and it was like some underground rave in a fancy intimate venue
We also had a bit of Fester Skank and POW! Coz you don't know about me

I was absolutely LOVING life and I will definitely be trying to see Lethal Bizzle again live and doing a full set. Excuse me whilst I just go download his entire back catalogue
Bulmers Presents Live Colourful Live

Bulmers Presents Live Colourful LiveFinally, to end the nights live festivities before people could just party the rest of the night away, we had the first hearing of the exclusive collaboration track. The track we were all there to hear
The track that brings Sinead Harnett, Lethal Bizzle AND classical composer of Bond Themes David Arnold together

It was absolutely amazing to hear a song written by Lethal Bizzle backed up by a live orchestra and it was an experience I will never forget, especially when paired with David Arnold whom is such a legend within his own right

I have already downloaded the track, because you can get it for FREE! and attempt to experience what I experienced from the comfort of your own home
Bulmers Presents Live Colourful Live

I want to thank Bulmers so much for inviting me as it was such a great night and I can't wait to see if they do something else like this. There are so many genres of music out there that it would be amazing to see what else they could achieve!

You can download the collaboration track for FREE here on Bulmer's website, but you need to be over 18
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  1. This sounds awesome! A great venue and such a random mix of music genres! Looks likes so much fun!

  2. erm thi event looks totally amazing and I do love a good Bulmers especially in the summer! x

  3. I have to admit I do love a bit of Lethal Bizzle. Looks like an awesome night, glad you had fun! x


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