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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Since being broken up with a month and a half ago I have had a lot of time to really focus on myself again. In fact, in general I have had a lot more time and I have been able to start shooting for fun and for my portfolio all over again
I thought I would share my portfolio shots with you seeing as I also write about beauty, and ya never know, some of the stuff I photograph might inspire some of y'all!

Say hello to my latest beauty shoot, full of gems and colour!

These shots were taken using gels attached to the studio lighting, obviously in two different colours. Some shots were blue and red. Some were blue and purple. I also did some that were green and red but I am a little disappointed as to how these came out so I have chosen not to include them within my portfolio

I definitely wish I could go out everyday with gems stuck to my face
What do you think of these new portfolio shots?


  1. OMG I love the shoot it's such a fabulous idea and the pictures came out amazing!

  2. I am loving the pictures. You look great.

    1. I wish it was me! I'm afraid I was just the photographer for these


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