LFW SS16 Day Two

Monday, 5 October 2015

Following on from my post and quick recap of LFW Day One, of course it is time to bring you the action from Day Two!

Highlights of this day are from Maral Yazarloo and the beautiful Markus Lupfer presentation that was made even better by some glorious sunshine.
Check out the literal hair weaves from backstage at Maral Yazarloo also! I'd love to see people try this for SS16

Don't you just LOVE the look of the Markus Lupfer presentation? Totally wearable and my favourite!
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  1. I'm loving those hair styles! Did you get to go to this? Are these your photos? If so, how awesome is that! :D

    1. Yeah, I photograph fashion week every season and so these are my favourite photos from day two of LFW SS16 :)

  2. Some great styles coming down the catwalk this season. Everything seems so wearable.


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