#SuperCityBreaks: Paris Photo Diary

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Recently, I was extremely lucky to go on such an amazing weekend away to Paris courtesy of Travel Supermarket and with my blogger friend Rebecca of Futures

It came at the perfect time for me as it had been 2 weeks since me and Jordan split and I needed a bit of travel, fresh air, and some girly fun. Despite us getting there being a nightmare and stressing us out, when we got to our hotel La Belle Juliette, we found out we had been upgraded to a Junior Suite! OMG ALL of the yays!

Paris is always a good idea and here is a photo diary of just some of the bits we got up to...

The first thing I got us to do was to go all the way to the Sommet (to the top) of the Eiffel Tower. No matter how many times I have been up there, I just don't get bored of the views and the fact I can see all of Paris

Paris is my favourite city ever, and it is hard not to fall in love with it when at the top of its most iconic landmark

We also took one of the open bus tours after spending a lot of time at the Eiffel Tower. The Louvre had a massive queue, so we had a look at their glass pyramids and hopped back on the bus down to the Champs Elysses, where we hopped off and took some pics of the Arc de Triomphe, before walking down to Laduree so I could scoff and buy all of their macarons

In the evening, we attended a talk that was arranged by Travel Supermarket and was part of Paris's writers festival. We saw famous Irish author Edna O'Brien and she spoke so poetically
We ended up doing so much on Saturday, and we still had plenty of time to explore on Sunday so we left Notre Dame as a Sunday visit. In hindsight, we probably should have done it on the Saturday also! I forgot Sunday mass would be on. I felt a bit rude being touristy as Sunday mass was going on

I also lit a tealight for my Nan and for my Grandad whom have sadly passed and left me grandparent-less. I am not religious, but it was something I felt that needed to be done as some final closure for me and a form of my love

You also can't forget the many macarons I bought, scoffed and enjoyed. I think I ended up eating 36 over the course of 2 days which is quite a lot of sugar consumed! #obsessedmuch?

I hope you enjoyed my little insight into my weekend in Paris! You can also see more of my Instagram pictures using the hashtag #SuperCityBreaks

Do you love Paris? Any recommendations of things for me to do when I next go back to Paris?
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This post is in collaboration with Travel Supermarket where I was a +1 of Rebecca from Futures


  1. Your photos are insane Kaye and I am very jealous about your trip, it seemed to come at the perfect time for you though! I have been to Paris yet not been up the Eiffel Tower, I know what the hell! I am planning on going next year though so all shall be rectified. x

  2. Such beautiful photos, Paris is somewhere I have never been and yet it looks so beautiful x

  3. Whoa! Your photos are so beautiful. I've never been but, it looks like you've convinced me to visit through your photographs. :) xx

  4. Beautiful photographs, especially from the top of the tower, I totally love Paris too, gorgeous city.

  5. Your trip to Paris looks amazing! It is definitely somewhere I would love to visit!


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