Empty Casket Jewellery

Monday, 23 November 2015

Empty Casket Jewellery
I love halloween. I love all things gem stones and witchy, paranormal and supernatural. I am so into that world you don't even know. I own witches bibles! Maybe another blog post for another day, as well as the fact I read tarot cards

Empty Casket is an indepent online jewellery store that fulfills my need for all things witchy and supernatural in terms of accessories! I just adore it

Empty Casket
I picked up some new items from them recently and thought I would share them with you all to bring some Empty Casket into your life, as all of their pieces are so beautiful and at such good prices!

I picked up their Ouija Planchette ring as well as some black onyx starseed stud earrings. But there are plenty more new items they have added recently that I have my eye on! You will just need to check them out to see what I mean ;)
Empty Casket Jewellery
The Ouija Planchette ring comes in 3 different sizes, and for each ring size the size of the planchette itself changes. I went for a size N which is the medium sized planchette and I am yet to take this ring off. I adore it because I love the idea of the ouija board, but I am actually too scared to actually do one and try and make contact with 'the other side'

Yes, some people may think I am weird for this mentality. But nobody actually really knows what is out there
Empty Casket jewellery
The stud earrings are just a beautiful style, with the black onyx stone meant to help with protection and healing. With all that has gone on in my life this year I definitely need some protection and healing, so as well as being a beautiful style of earring the gem stone itself is meant to hold healing properties which is why I snapped up these earrings against the other gem stone versions. Black is also very chic and goes with everything

All items are stainless steel and are good even for sensitive skin

Will you be shopping at Empty Casket? What do you think of my mini purchase?
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  1. I like the ring. I went to look for its price but I couldn't find it on the web :-(

    1. Ok, got it £10! what a bargain!

    2. I know right?! Some of the pieces are such a great price and an amazing quality

  2. I love Empty Casket, been meaning to try out their stuff. I just worry about my fingers going green!

    1. I can assure you, I have not taken this Ouija ring off and my finger is definitely not green :)


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