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Monday, 9 November 2015

Series 3Seeing as I photograph a lot of fashion, and I love fashion in general, it made sense for me to attend the Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition that has been held in London on the Strand. This exhibition is a free exhibition and hands down, one of the best exhibitions I have ever attended. Maybe because it was so full of pretty things!

In this post I am going to guide you through what I saw at this wondrous event

Because I had pre-booked my tickets as I didn't realise you could just turn up on the day, I was told to head off to the right hand side of the entrance where there was a tour starting and so I simply joined in to gather as much information as I could about the exhibition. The tour guide himself was fantastic and it made my whole experience far more enjoyable as well as educational!

Tour GuideYou walk into a circular room that has a trunk in the middle and screens all around the room that play all kinds of different things. The muse model in each look of the collection walking, the old logo and the combination of the new logo, the workshop, models explaining their experience of walking in the show, all kinds of different little video bits get played and if it wasn't for the tour guide explaining each bit of video I wouldn't have learnt as much as I did about them all. I would have just walked through the room and into the next one
CatwalkThe next room was simply amazing. It was a mock up/replica of the Louis Vuitton show space for the AW15 Collection. This made me so gleeful as I was trying to imagine (from my photography perspective and the fact I photograph London Fashion Week) where I would have been placed to photograph the runway

This room, I could have lived in there and watched the video all day and every day. It has definitely spurred me on to realise my dream of photographing Paris Fashion Week!

Hey Louis Vuitton, if you want to hire me as a Fashion Week Photographer I am TOTALLY available!
Louis Vuitton ArtisanBefore entering one room, the tour guide stopped us and explained this was his favourite part of the exhibition and that we were in for a right treat

This excited me straight away. What could it be?!

He then proceeded to explain that they had flown over actual LV Artisans who were live making a Petite Malle in front of our very eyes, and that they only speak French but we can ask questions via a translator who was stood by them. I was mesmerised by this, watching them hand make a little bag that goes for £2,500+. The only question I asked though was "ca va?" to which one of them was so excited to have been asked how she was

But also, because these bags aren't made in France they aren't then going to be sold! They will just follow the exhibition around to its next stop which is Shanghai. I found this such a waste! They are making bags that then can't be sold because they aren't made in France. But it also shows their dedication to the brand and its heritage. I will quite happily take one home with me ;)
Louis Vuitton Artisan

The next room was not only very bright, but it was completely white and is also the most instagrammed room of the whole exhibition. It is easy to see why

Not only is it interesting, but it has items from the collection that you can touch, look at, feel. However, items have been broken and stolen before in the exhibition journey so they tell you to watch yourself and to take bags off from your shoulders

There isn't much to say about this room as it was so wow-worthy and minimal. Just enjoy the images

The last and final room of the exhibition is a MASSIVE walk in wardrobe. You can touch the items, but they ask you not to try them on and encourage you to head to the store on Bond Street to try items on instead

So many beautiful pieces! I could just never pull any of it off due to my petite height
Walk In Wardrobe

Walk In Wardrobe

Walk In Wardrobe

Walk In Wardrobe

I hope you have enjoyed my photo diary of the Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition
Did you get to see and experience this exhibition?
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  1. Wow! That looks like an amazing exhibition! I love LV and I would have loved going to this... I think it's is such a cool idea to take the bags on the tour with them. Makes it so special. I love that they made it interactive and fun :)

  2. This looks such an amazing event! Sad about the bag not being able to be sold though, I would happily take it off their hands.


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