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Monday, 30 November 2015

I have had afternoon tea at the Sanderson hotel in London before, but what better excuse to go again than a menu change?! As well as a day date with my new blogger bae and BFF Amanda Bootes

In typical 'Lady what Lunches' style we made our way into Central for a spot of Mad Hatters afternoon tea with the Sanderson, before having some cocktails

The menu itself is hidden amongst books filled with poetry, or stories depending on which book you actually get given. The menu is the same in every book obviously, but I like this little touch. The sugar cubes for the tea are also kept in a musical jewellery box which adds to the cute and quirky vibe

It is based around Alice in Wonderland the Mad Hatters tea party after all! Wouldn't be a Mad Hatters tea party without some madness and quirk
The crockery has all been specially designed by Luna and Curious and you can actually purchase from them!

The teapots are adorned with Kings and Queens. There are clocks on the plates, birdcages on the saucers, acrobats. All beautifully illustrated onto the crockery you eat from to give another dimension to the afternoon tea
Savoury Food
First, the savouries come out. Me and Amanda asked for the vegetarian selection of savouries, rather than the meat ones because none of that took our fancy

We had goats cheese Croque Monsieur, cheese and cucumber on lime bread as well as an interesting cone filled with avocado paste. It was like having avocado ice cream! Very bizarre (quite mad one could say, curioser and curioser) but delightful. Because bloggers are obsessed with avocado after all
Sweet Treats
But once the savouries were devoured, onto the main event and the whole reason we were there. The sweets and the cakes!

The Sanderson display all of their sweet treats on a glorious crockery 3 tiered tower adorned with a mug filled with long grass. It really is the most delightful tower I have ever seen in my life

New treats for this new menu include meringue carrots hidden away amongst the long grass, marshmallow mushrooms, a chocolate praline Blue Caterpillar, coffee pocket watch macarons, red velvet ladybirds, a carrot cake, the Queen of Hearts oreo soldier as well as the classic scones

Don't forget the added little "Drink Me" potion. It could never be a Mad Hatters tea without a Drink Me potion! Don't worry, you don't shrink!
Sweet Treats

Drink Me Potion
After our tower was completely devoid of any food, they take the crockery away and then a waiter brought out this cute little flowerpot for us as an extra treat to say "Thank you"

This flowerpot was passion fruit ice cream, with a raspberry centre and crumbled cookies on top to look like dirt. Not to mention the flowers are edible and the little wooden spoon looks like a spade/trowel. Absolutely delightful and such a nice touch to end our wonderful afternoon tea as we really weren't expecting it

We even got to take some of the sweet treats home in this cute little cardboard 'doggy bag'. Obviously I took some of the macarons home with me, the ladybird and the blue caterpillar! I can never say no to macarons, especially coffee macarons

Have you ever been to the Sanderson? Any other afternoon teas you could recommend?
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  1. I had no idea they'd changed the menu and now I want to go back. The new food looks insane although I think i'd miss the victoria sponge clock cake! x

  2. The food looks amazing. I think I need to book myself in for an afternoon tea.

  3. Would love to go there as a lovely treat, the sweets look amazing.


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