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Monday, 16 November 2015

BooksI have been trying to practice some mindfulness techniques in order to lessen my anxiety and my depression, and to keep calm and promote more zen and positivity within my life seeing as this year has been pretty rough for me (for more info on the roughness take a look at this post, as well as this one)

I want to share with you how I have been doing this and how I have been truly relaxing so that I can encourage you all to do the same in today's modern and hectic technological lifestyle

I first bought a book simply entitled "Calm" by Michael Acton Smith as I know I am prone to a lot of stress and anxiety and calm is something I definitely need to practice within my life. I am constantly having people tell me to "keep calm" and to "chill"

This book introduces you to the benefits of practicing mindfulness and it also has an app that runs alongside it, or you could just simply use the app. You don't need both the book and the app for it to make sense. It gives you techniques on how to meditate, to embrace the nature around you and to see the beauty in the small things within life, to draw and get creative, but also tips on how to relax and to truly let your worries go and melt away

Studies have constantly showed the positive effects of having a calm mind, and with today's busy lifestyle and constantly being turned on and tuned into technology, it is nice to give your mind a rest and a bit of a breather and a reboot

Calm Book
Within this book, it also allows you to write in it and keep a kind of diary as well as having some pages you can colour in. You don't have to write in it if you don't wish to, I know I hate ruining books! So I bought a seperate colouring book, and seeing as I love Alice in Wonderland when I saw that as a colouring book option I knew I needed it in my life

Everybody loves the original illustrations to Alice in Wonderland and there really is something quite relaxing about lying in bed with this book and some pencils and just colouring it all in and watching it transform before your eyes into something so bright and beautiful, especially when in some comfy pyjamas/clothing
Benefits of Mindulness

Practicing some mindfulness techniques from this book has improved my depression and anxiety ever so slightly, and it can only get better the more I do it. I have a more positive outlook and I am definitely more selfless now. I have been trying to improve others days and others happiness to promote good Karma

I even now take baths and truly relax in a bath with Lush bath bombs and let the water wash away my fears, worries and troubles. Again, something so relaxing about imagining the water permeating and cleansing your soul and letting your worries wash down the drain

Do you think we all need to just step back and take a breather?
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  1. I recently picked up a colouring book and find it so relaxing colouring it in. I love Alice In wonderland, wish i'd seen that one! X

  2. I suffer from depression and anxiety too so this colouring book looks amazing. I want to be able to relax and not panic or feel low all the time so this might help.

  3. I think colouring books are really great for helping you relax and just be in the present moment. I really want a harry potter one :) I hope mindfulness is helping you xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge


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