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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Fall Fashion
I am off to NYC next year and I simply can not wait! I also get a lot of blog views within the US of A. Well howdy there!

I recently heard about an interesting app/website named "Spring", they are a mass marketplace for 800+ brands so you can shop with ease in one simple place. Please note, the app is only available within the USA. But you can still access the website here. After looking at the website I put together my own layered creation since Fall can be such a tricky season to style. My perfect look for Fall is pictured in my collage above ^

I love a good slogan sweat! And this Wang Crew Sweat is absolutely perfect for any fashionista. The best way to wrap up warm within Fall is to then include a nice oversized coat as well as a scarf which makes for easy removal in case you get too hot. I am totally in love with boyfriend jeans over skinny jeans at the moment also, and they certainly add a bit more chic to an outfit as well as a little bit more warmth. Anybody else thinks you get wind chill from skinny jeans?!

No outfit for Fall would be complete without some ankle boots. These are a staple in any autumn wardrobe and help keep your toes warm against unwanted frostbite when playing around in leaves
But also, no outfit is complete without a small accessory. Whilst I love being all snuggly indoors, I hate going outdoors into the cold so this minimal bracelet helps sum up how I feel about the cold

I wish I could give the app a go, but their website is beautiful enough and I prefer shopping from a desktop. Spring was inspired by the boutiques lining NYC's Spring Street in SoHo and so they went about emulating the experience of having all of those shops in one place
I know I will definitely be adding Spring Street to my list of places to visit when I go to NYC in 2016

Do you enjoy Fall/Autumn? How would you layer up?
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  1. Ive never heard of this website or app before but it looks great, I'm off to the States next year as well so may give this a go - thanks for sharing x

  2. I'll have to have a look at this site. Clothes just look so boring atm


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