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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Old El PasoI was lucky enough to have been invited to "Taco Tuesday" held by Old El Paso at Food at 52 in Shoreditch. An event all about making the mid week meal really easy for anyone!

Based around Halloween and Dia de Muertos, the Mexican "Day of the Dead" (because we were making Mexican food of course) this event was right up my street and I was never going to say no to it. I love Halloween and food

Mexican FoodWhen I turned up at Food at 52 I was welcomed with nachips and all of the dips I could ever dream of! Everybody seems obsessed with guacamole so of course I dug right in to that one to get my fill of it

Not to mention a Zombie margarita and a non alcoholic bloody red take on a tequila sunrise. Because it just isn't Dia de Muertos without some spooky themed mexican cocktails
Old El Paso KitsWe were here, obviously, to make some tacos on a Tuesday! Hence the hashtag #TacoTuesday and it was all about Old El Paso's range of Stand 'N' Stuff soft tacos. Which are actually amazing and so much easier to eat than those crispy tacos that just fall apart as soon as you bite into it! But we will talk more about that later

If anybody knows how to eat a taco gracefully, PLEASE let me know in my comments section! I want to know the secrets of eating tacos
Food at 52After cocktails and mingling we were lead downstairs to the kitchen section of Food at 52 which is where we were going to learn more and actually cook our own tacos! Exciting!

Now, I am a meat eater so obviously when I make food at home I will always use mince or chicken depending on whether I am having burritos or fajitas. But for this event I was placed into a group that was making a veggie alternative

OK, interesting...
I had never ever before considered making this kind of item with veggies. I wouldn't even know where to begin!

We were first given a demonstration on what we needed to do within our seperate groups. Mainly a lot of chopping of vegetables and simmering. It is all so easy
Old El PasoTo make the veggie option we cut up sweet potato, onions, peppers and courgette. Chucked the sweet potato and onions into a well heated pan until they were soft, then added in the peppers and courgette. Stirred for a little before adding in some Old El Paso fajita sauce mix and again, stirred and let simmer for 10 minutes before adding in some kidney beans and leaving again for a little while

So easy! It is best to get all the chopping done beforehand in one go so you can just concentrate on adding items into the pan and stirring with a bottle of beer in one hand
Old El PasoFor the meat, again so simple in that you brown the mince off in a pan and add some seasoning mix that you get included within an Old El Paso soft taco kit

It really could not be any quicker and simpler!

You then simply get some salsa, guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos, chopped tomatoes, lettuce, whatever else you want so that when you dish your hot filling into the soft taco shell you can also add in some new flavours

After we had cooked it all up, it was time for ALL of us to dig in and eat as many tacos as we wanted. The BEST part of the evening! The veggie alternative was SO flavourful and so amazing and I will definitely be including more of this within my diet as a healthy alternative to meat. Thank you Old El Paso for introducing me to this veggie alternative and making me slightly healthier
Old El Paso

Old El Paso

Old El Paso

Old El Paso

Old El PasoThe way I eat my tacos is by putting some salsa at the bottom of the soft taco shell, a little bit of guacamole. I then add the hot filling. You can even put in both! A little bit of meat and a little bit of veggie

On top of the hot filling I add as many jalapenos as I can balance on the top. I can't get enough of jalapenos, I love them so much. Some diced tomato, a sprinkle of lettuce and a tiny sprinkling of cheese

You could even get more creative and put in some mexican rice, some re-fried beans, some nachos. The fillings are totally up to you and what you fancy at the time or have available in your fridge and cupboards
Taco Tuesday
I even got to keep the apron we cooked in as well as got given one of the kits to take home. Is it bad I used the kit the very next day and had Taco Wednesday right after Taco Tuesday?

Do you enjoy tacos? Will you be making some of these as a quick and easy mid week meal?
Lastly, do you know how to eat tacos gracefully?!
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  1. We love Old El Paso! We make our own salsas and spice mixes at home, but the tortillas are always great to have on hand for Mexican night.

  2. Sounds like such a fun event! I haven’t had tacos in ages -- might give them a try for dinner. Cheers for sharing


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