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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

I love food. Who doesn't?! And you even may have seen me talk about chicken a lot in various blog posts. I am a big lover of chicken, so when I was invited to the opening event held by WingZone UK I just HAD to be there

WingZone is an American franchise that has finally come overseas and is currently just outside of Finsbury Park tube station. But don't worry, they do plan on expanding and getting more and more franchises!

WingZone are BIG on flavour, even though it is spelt flavor which is the American way and they call their fans Flavorholics. I am now a massive Flavorholic after attending this event and trialling each and every one of their chicken wing flavours

My favourite was their Buffalo Bliss, which is a mild and lovely Buffalo chicken wing. They then have the Hot Shot and Nuclear Habanero. After the Nuclear Habanero I went home because I ended up with the sweats. It was definitely far too much for me to handle!

They also have an amazing sweet chilli and a nice fruity Mango Fire, as well as Liquid Gold which was a glorious honey & mustard coating. There is a flavour for absolutely everyone and every spice level

FlavourholicThey offer their chicken wings in boneless and boned varieties, and they claim to have sourced the biggest chicken wings within the UK. Now that is damn impressive!

Not to mention the fact they have a 50 piece option on their menu!!!

I said they should make that into an eating challenge, even though I reckon I could clean up 50 wings of those Buffalo Bliss. I may even go back and attempt 50 by myself because I loved it that much. Not so sure about 50 of the Nuclear Habanero though...

They don't just offer chicken wings though. They also offer burgers coated within their various flavour choices. We didn't get to trial the burgers on the opening, but who cares?! The chicken wings were AMAZING and the sole reason you should go anyway

They also offer various sides and I have found a new love within mozarella sticks. I have never had them before because I have a weird relationship with cheese, but these were the crispiest damn things I have ever eaten and they tasted like a crispy mini pizza. All of the love
Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings
Launch Party FoodSeriously though, just how good do these look?! So much flavour and so much chicken! I would live here if I could. Keep an eye out for me here, I think I may be coming in regularly!

Will you make a trip to Finsbury Park and to WingZone? It is seriously well worth it!
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  1. Sounds like you had a great time, I'm a vegetarian so I won't be going there anytime soon but I'm sure my other half would be in heaven here! :)


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